Northern Sky Research

About Us

Ahead of the Curve

As the satellite & space industry boldly expands in new directions, success is directly aligned with your ability to know where the market is headed and why. NSR helps you get there first.

Founded in 2000, NSR is a global leader in Satellite & Space Market Research and Consulting Services. NSR specializes in the analysis of growth opportunities across four core industry sectors: Satellite Communications, Satellite & Space Applications, Financial Analysis and Satellite & Space Infrastructure.

The NSR team consistently forecasts events and trends well ahead of when they become common industry knowledge. Our clients get results that are broader, balanced, and with the most honest assessment of the impact to their particular business.

We’re intrepid realists. From the numbers to the assessment, every single one of us weighs in on every client deliverable. By trade we’re economists and engineers, regulatory and government experts, and even some rocket scientists. Together it’s a uniquely powerful combination of market, financial and technical brainpower.

We don’t live behind a laptop. Every day, we are at the center of the discussions where moves are being made. We talk to more people in more places – both inside and outside the market – to establish the most complete picture of the challenges and opportunities facing the market and how to best take action.