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Build a Stronger Market Position

The wave of disruptive innovation has changed the industry definition of “value”. All players must have a heightened awareness and deeper understanding of customer needs, with the flexibility to adapt technologically.

Service providers must get closer to the end-user, becoming a one-stop shop for capacity. Relationships inside the value chain must expand, while partnerships outside the value chain must emerge.

Operators must develop value-added business structures, capturing additional revenues and being more flexible to service providers and end-user needs.

NSR is behind the most important decisions being made in satellite & space today. Through our Consulting Services, we help leaders clients strategically plan for the future. Our advisors bring market, financial, and technical intelligence to the table – addressing requirements across every sector, every geography and every part of the value chain.

Clear. Unbiased. Objective. NSR provides the most grounded analysis on the most pressing issues. Our reports are also trusted by financial institutions looking to invest, regulatory bodies, government ─ anyone who needs to better understand trends in the satellite & space industries and their place in the larger economy.  

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