Northern Sky Research

NSR Consulting Principles

Each NSR consulting project incorporates several foundation elements, consistently enabling NSR to provide the most value to our clients.

Global Expert Team
NSR’s global expert team serves as the critical component of every consulting project we develop. Via a team located throughout the globe and with over 100 years of collective experience in the satellite industry, NSR provides a complete global and regional perspective from experienced analysts located in each region.

Independent and Unbiased
NSR’s consulting efforts have been used to both generate positive results and revenues via market entries, or save money based on recommendations against market entry. Either way, you are assured that all NSR results will be independent and unbiased.

Transparent Methodology
Analysis and future projections are only valuable if you understand the model utilized and assumptions incorporated. NSR believes transparency in our consulting and research projects is central to any analysis and therefore provides extensive insight into the models and process utilized for each analytical output.

Interview and Primary Research Experience
No other satellite consulting organization comes close to the primary research and interview efforts NSR conducts for each analysis. Having performed well over 5,000 in depth interviews in more than 100 countries in the past decade alone, NSR is supremely successful in gathering solid inputs from decision makers around the globe. NSR also maintains close relationships with companies across the value chain, including end users, in all regions.

Original Analysis
Each NSR consulting or research project is original and never repurposed or repackaged from previous NSR work. NSR recognizes that each consulting client has unique requirements, thus we build each project from the ground-up with unique qualitative and quantitative analysis tailored to each client’s specific objectives.

Strategic Advisory Experience
In addition to in-depth market research expertise, NSR regularly provides Strategic Advisory services to clients in every region. Through a range of business, technical, marketing and financial expertise across the NSR team, we have assisted clients to evaluate strategic endeavors in all segments of the satellite industry. Whether the project involves evaluation of new satellite opportunity, assessment of a new technology or critique of business plans or financing, NSR’s actionable output is at the center of decision-making across the satellite industry.

Extensive Databases
Through an annual ongoing data gathering effort in all satellite industry sectors, NSR maintains the most complete, thorough and transparent databases within the satellite research industry. This data is a core input to NSR’s consulting efforts and creates value for our clients given the existence of current, detailed data points for all aspects of the satellite industry.