Northern Sky Research

Markets We Cover

Satellite Communications

From transponder supply and demand to retail services on the ground, NSR’s Satellite Communications research practice addresses the heart of the satellite market.  Coverage includes in orbit capacity, applications and services provisioned, and the core enabling technology behind each market and application.

Satellite & Space Applications

More than just "NewSpace", Satellite & Space Applications covers everything from M2M/IoT via Satellite opportunities, to more traditional Earth Observation markets.  In both near-space and in-space, the segment provides an entire overview of the major market opportunities in this rapidly changing segment of the satellite market.

Financial Analysis

Financial data matters.  Beyond EBITDA or Annual Revenues, this segment places each financial metric in context with macroeconomic trends occurring throughout the satellite industry, providing the necessarily color for each fact and figure.

Focusing on the entire range of launch vehicles, satellite manufacturers, and ground infrastructure this segment covers the CAPEX-side of the satellite industry.  Giving context and perspective to both the established markets, and emerging technologies dig beneath the hype to discover what are really the 'next big things' for satellite markets.