Northern Sky Research

NSR Report Citation Guidelines

Clients who purchase research, data, or analysis from NSR have the right to utilize that research in external communications under certain conditions. This document sets forth those guidelines.

I. All use of NSR material is subject to review and approval from NSR

Prior to any public use or citation of material provided by NSR, clients must seek and receive approval from NSR. Approval can be sought through the email address In your inquiry, please include all relevant marketing documents and explicitly state which NSR materials will be used.

II. Individual report purchasers must have purchased an Enterprise License to the report in order to publicly cite material from the report

Enterprise licensed clients are provided with the opportunity to cite material from any NSR products they receive. Individual report purchasers must acquire an enterprise license to a report in order to cite included material. For more information on report licensing, contact

III. All citations must be limited in scope and come directly from NSR-written research or NSR-provided data

Full reproduction of any NSR products is prohibited. Citation of materials is generally limited to quotations from reports or reproduction of 1-2 graphics. In the text of a press release or other marketing document, all citations must be verbatim. In headlines and titles, summaries are allowed pending approval from NSR. For detail regarding specific citations, contact

IV. Citations that negatively portray external companies are not permitted

Citation of any NSR materials that negatively portray companies other than the citing company are prohibited.