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  • EO: The Mass is the Matter

    Jan 24th, 2012 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile

    When The UK Government announced support to finance half of SSTL’s newest radar satellite, it confirmed a trend NSR has seen cropping up in recent times: smaller satellites are gaining ground in both optical and now in SAR markets.


As more manufacturers are looking to address this market with finer ground resolution and smaller satellites at a lower cost (£200 million for four 300 kg. SSTL radar satellites), the effect is likely to be a reduction in the cost of data at the end user…

  • Iran, North Korea and Military SATCOM

    Jan 13th, 2012 by Jose Del Rosario   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Reports indicate that Iran in the "near future" will start enriching uranium deep inside a mountain to conduct sensitive atomic activities at an underground site for better protection against enemy attacks. The U.S. and Israel are not ruling out strikes against Iran if diplomacy fails to resolve the dispute.


Meanwhile in the Asia Pacific, assessing North Korea's nuclear capability and potential threat under a new leader is causing serious concern around the region. Reports indicate…

  • According to the GSM Association (GSMA), mobile penetration in the Asia Pacific will reach a landmark three billion connections in Q1 2012, nearly two years earlier than projected. More importantly, by 2015, the region is expected to reach 4.1 billion connections, growing at twice the rate of Europe and North America, and will account for 40% of mobile data traffic worldwide.  

    NSR’s findings are certainly consistent with the GSMA’s projections. For satellite-based backhaul, the…