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  • On the footsteps of two previous oil spills, repair crews continue to clean up a spill of heavy crude oil onto farmland in Alberta, Canada. In 2010 alone, for example, the Alberta province recorded nearly two pipeline failures a day, causing disruptions across their pipeline distribution network.  The reason – corrosive oil sand-derived petroleum, which is at the forefront of the unconventional resource movement.   These unconventional resources, which have caused a boom in the…

  • The fact that Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. contracted O3b Networks to provide one of its largest ships, the Oasis of the Seas, with hundreds of megabits per second of two-way communications supports NSR’s core finding: maritime bandwidth demand is here to stay, and high-throughput satellites have strong potential in maritime markets.

    NSR reported in its recent Mobile Satellite Services, 2nd Edition report that the HTS maritime market will likely target the region where the Oasis of the…

  • A Hosted Payload Boost

    Jun 20th, 2012 by Jose Del Rosario   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Iridium’s unveiling of the Aireon service could be the boost that the hosted payload ecosystem needed.  After years of talk with little to show in terms of actual contracts or deployments, the deal could signify an inflection point for the hosted payload industry and show the way forward in terms of innovative government-enterprise partnerships.

    Aireon is a planned joint venture between Iridium and NAV CANADA with support from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and suppliers…