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  • The Cheapest Launch Vehicle?

    Aug 19th, 2013 by NSR

    Ariane-6, potentially the next European launcher, is to address both governmental and commercial needs, but its relevance in the long term global market may be questionable. 

    The launcher is slated to be a modular rocket with a maximum capacity of 6.5 tons to GTO for a price tag of €70 million ($92.8 millions) per launch. ESA stated that the design was driven by time-to-market, development and operating costs, and it should eventually replace both the European Soyuz and Ariane-5.


  • With the recent announcement of a proposed merger between Reliance Digital and Sun Direct, which would form India’s 2nd largest DTH platform, the world’s most dynamic DTH market has kicked it up a notch. With 5 major platforms jostling over 1.1 billion people, the Indian DTH market is transitioning from being characterized by breakneck subscriber growth to more nuanced subscriber retention and development.

    As the market continues to grow at a considerable clip, there will be several key…

  • Gung-Ho on Aero

    Aug 14th, 2013 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile

    The expansion of the aero connectivity market with new satellites planned over ocean regions in the coming years, and the entry into emerging markets such as Asia by in-flight connectivity players, shows how multiple-frequency approaches are needed to address narrow-body and wide-body commercial airlines.

    On one hand, the replacement of IS-27 (to be named IS-34) by Intelsat demonstrates the belief that one of the key areas of focus for the satellite operators’ aeronautical market…