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  • Historically, differentiation in the EO data market was achieved through spatial resolution and spectrum. Since the data commercially available reached the limit of shutter control regulations (WorldView-1 in 2007), the race for data product differentiation slowed down. Companies providing 50cm resolution imagery cashed-in, some of them developing their spectrum capabilities, while other companies worked at catching-up.

    Now that more companies propose 50cm imagery, incumbent players have…

  • In another win against MTN Satellite Communications, Carnival Cruise Line recently awarded their global communications contract to Harris-CapRock.  Combined with Royal Caribbean, Harris-CapRock will soon provide the offshore communications to a majority of cruise passengers worldwide.  But, what does this mean for the macro maritime market – Is this the beginning of the end of specialized communications providers and the rise of the diversified players?  And, what does this mean to…

  • Riding the Bottom of the Wave

    Oct 17th, 2013 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile

    In what could be perceived as good news for various satellite companies, approx. $4.1 billion of Department of Defense contracts were awarded prior to the U.S. Government shutdown.  But this tree is hiding a forest of not-so-good news that gives the impression the bottom of the milsatcom wave is yet to come for the satellite industry.

    The U.S. Army awards in the last week of Fiscal Year 2013 to players such as AT&T, L-3, Globecomm Systems, Harris, General Dynamics were for a variety of…