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  • The Next Arianespace Workhorse

    Jun 11th, 2012 by NSR

    Ariane-5’s future should be decided at an ESA meeting to be held in November 2012, and two competing ideas are currently being considered: Ariane-5 ME (11.2 tons to GTO) and the Ariane-6, a brand new modular launcher with a capacity of up to 8 tons to GTO.  What will ESA decide in a market where mass will increasingly be driven by heavier satellites?

    The Ariane-5 ME should be operational by 2017-18, while the Ariane-6 is expected around 2020-2022, and both will constitute Arianespace’s…

  • Intelsat’s latest announcement of a new HTS platform (EPIC) for, among others, mobility services is a sure sign that the focus on higher capacity has taken hold of the mobile satellite market.  What does this mean for the industry and customers, and how will other operators such as Inmarsat react?

    The introduction of the EPIC platform by Intelsat is a signal that FSS operators are more and more convinced that the mobility market is ripe for broadband solutions at a cheaper cost per…

  • When Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) signed a five-year, 34-ship contract, it was a big win for Harris CapRock in what remains a small but high-end satellite communications maritime market.  What was up to now a market dominated by MTN is increasingly seeing competition, with a promising upside as cruise lines maximize passengers’ experience with more connectivity…and higher associated revenues. 

    NSR reported in its recent Mobile Satellite Services 8th Edition a resurgence of…