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  • OTT seems to be wearing on the minds of many these days.  DTH and Cable TV platforms are perhaps the most threatened, given the rise of OTT video products and the potential to reduce revenues for video platforms and satellite operators alike. However NSR’s latest report on the satellite video markets, Linear TV via Satellite: DTH, OTT & IPTV, 8th Edition finds that much of this concern is unwarranted, with a few exceptions.

    NSR forecasts that globally, DTH channels will increase to over…

  • Bridging the Mobile Broadband Gap

    Jun 8th, 2015 by Jose Del Rosario   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Mobile broadband is no longer a “nice to have” for users worldwide, especially as mobile device usage explodes in all regions (just reference Cisco).  However while mobile broadband demand is undeniably ever on the rise, a divide persists between developed and developing countries, mainly as a result of deployment costs and business case issues.  And here, Universal Service Funds (USF) and satellite technology have a huge role to play.

    ITU Data Highlights the Divide

    According to the…

  • Growth in onboard applications has added another layer of complexity to the maritime market, keeping maritime fleet IT departments busier than ever.  To make their life easier, the satellite industry has integrated flexibility in network services and operations, but is it enough to answer the growth in bandwidth demand?

    Within the satcom industry, service providers, satellite operators, and hardware manufacturers are all undergoing a shift in how satellite communications networks are…