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  • Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWA, or LPWAN) have been thrown onto the telecommunications scene over the last couple of years, promising to revolutionize the way that IoT and M2M devices communicate with not only a central server or management platform, but also with each other. With increasing numbers of these networks becoming established globally, what impact will this have on satellite based M2M technologies?

    The largest contenders in the LPWAN space are Sigfox, and LoRa Alliance,…

  • 5G: Friend or Foe for Satcom?

    Jan 17th, 2017 by Lluc Palerm-Serra   More from this Analyst | Profile

    As if we were on the verge of entering a “blade runner” society, 5G will disrupt the way we interact with the world. The new network technology promises a leap change in performance: ultra-fast speeds, lower latency, smarter networks… all setting the ecosystem for extreme business models and unleashing massive opportunities. Will the satellite industry be able to capture a portion of this wealthy opportunity?

    Today’s satellite role in the global telecom ecosystem is relatively modest.…

  • Heightened security concerns, global economic engagement, and Big Data popularity drive requirements for information on unfolding events and human activities worldwide. Maritime-, land-, and space-based sensors are proliferating to address this rising demand, with both Earth Observation and Situational Awareness orbiting platforms contributing a piece of the data puzzle. While often dwarfed in conversations by today’s more robust Earth Observation market, Situational Awareness (SA)…