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  • $$$ Per Transponder

    Feb 28th, 2012 by NSR

    NSR recently released the industry’s first systematic assessment of key financial metrics for FSS satellite operators. This new study, Satellite Operator Financial Analysis, analyzed a wide range of metrics including overall revenues, cash flows, capital expenditure requirements, debt levels, and return on satellite investments. Beyond a detailed assessment of the top publicly reporting FSS operators, this study also ranked operator’s by each metric based on their 2010 score as well as…

  • The “eyes in the sky” scenario outlined by the U.S. Pentagon is now beginning to make its way towards civil government use. The trend should add significantly to commercial satellite bandwidth requirements over the long term, with UAVs dominating the comms-on-the-move (COTM) segment until 2020.As a key weapon in the U.S.’ counter-terrorism strategy, the U.S. Military plans to deploy air, surface, and undersea robotic vehicles, which will be an integral component of future capacity…

  • Dark Days for MSS-ATC

    Feb 15th, 2012 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile

    With a statement issued by one of its officials, the FCC yesterday all but negated years of work from both the FCC and the mobile satellite industry in developing a hybrid satellite-terrestrial system to offer connectivity across North America.  LightSquared could not proceed with its LTE network due to GPS interference issues.  This is somewhat the picture that NSR envisaged in its study Mobile Satellite Services, 7th Edition when it described “….several key announcements and major…