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  • The Sweet Spot for Ku-band IFEC

    Jul 23rd, 2014 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile

    As airframe manufacturers keep raising their 20-year global aircraft demand forecast, sifting through the expectations of which region and what type of aircraft will be the sweet spot of connectivity is becoming a tricky endeavor.  

    But looking at manufacturer forecasts, single aisle passenger jets such as the NG737 and the A320NEO (New Engine Option) are the fastest growing segment over the next two decades with Boeing pegging these at 25,700 new units in the 160-seat range.  Asia is…

  • Recent news of a low cost airline in Asia selecting in-flight connectivity (IFC) via satellite begs the question: is this a clear signal the market is transitioning from nascent to mainstream?  And more importantly, are ROI calculations now positive enough to ensure profitability for airline carriers?

    In June 2014, Global Eagle Entertainment, Thaicom, and Hughes Network Systems announced that they have been selected to equip Nok Air, Thailand’s premium low cost airline, with…

  • Earlier this year, the science was settled, Ariane-6’s design was decided and no major change was to be expected in the European launch Industry. But in mid-June, Airbus and Safran made two game-changing announcements: first, the two companies agreed to merge their launch vehicle operations into a 50-50 joint-venture; second, they proposed a new design for Ariane-6.

    Before the announcement Ariane-6 was supposed to be a three-stage rocket mainly using solid propulsion (PPH); it was based…