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  • Buying Low in Energy Satcom

    Mar 25th, 2015 by Brad Grady   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Not since the 2010 merger of Harris-CapRock-Schlumberger GCS has there been change amongst the larger Energy market service providers.  However, over the past two weeks Panasonic Avionics Corp. acquired ITC Global, and SpeedCast acquired Hermes Datacomms and Geolink Satellite Services. Meanwhile, Airbus Defense & Space’s commercial SATCOM service division (Vizada), which has a strong presence in the Offshore Support Vessel market, remains for sale.  Although it is hard to put a…

  • Redirected to subject matter Research Director - original author no longer with NSR

    The LEO Constellation Ecosystem

    OneWeb, SpaceX and LeoSat seem to be taking on, or at least complementing, Cellular & Fiber in terms of trying to marry the reach of LEO satellites with the price per bit approaching terrestrial offerings. Announcements over the past few weeks peg total system capacities between 0.5 and 10+ Terabits for investments ranging from $2 Billion to $10 Billion. A long standing…

  • Despite outside general perception of the space industry as high-tech and rapidly developing, those enveloped in its daily activities are familiar with the risk aversion, stringent regulations, and lengthy implementation time that characterize most projects. Yet in light of the four new LEO constellations formally announced over the past 10 weeks, and many more over the last two years, could an influx of fresh interest and new investors develop the industry into a vibrant playground of…