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  • The Complexities of Capacity Pricing

    Mar 30th, 2016 by Jose Del Rosario   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Redirected to subject matter Research Director - original author no longer with NSR

    Satellite capacity pricing is dictated by a number of factors, with no two deals being exactly alike. In order to understand the current pricing picture, it helps to understand the context of the current pricing paradigm, and the factors influencing pricing today and into the future. NSR’s recently published Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, Q1 2016 Edition (SCPI) explores and analyzes the underlying…

  • With capacity prices in a state of freefall since the start of HTS operations, it is clear the satcom industry is in a state of transformation.   NSR inferred in a previous article“this trend of dropping capacity prices is not part of a cyclical supply and demand balance, but a major technological & industry shift.” Flat Panel Antennas (FPAs), with low profile and high bandwidth efficiencies, are a significant part of this technological and business model change the satellite…

  • Cannibalization or Growing the Pie?

    Mar 17th, 2016 by Lluc Palerm-Serra   More from this Analyst | Profile

    The mood at last week’s Satellite 2016 conference was one of an industry heading towards a profound transformation. HTS is changing the rules of the game and only the fittest may survive. Capacity pricing was definitely the buzz word in all conversations, but the key question is: can the lower capacity pricing unleash enough demand to keep growing revenues?

    NSR believes that new price points will in fact stimulate demand from previously locked markets and the overall broadband revenues…