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  • Big Data in Small Bytes at Sea

    Jul 21st, 2016 by Dallas Kasaboski   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Falling capacity prices have motivated satellite operators and service providers to envision new ways to generate revenue. Consolidation is a key strategy, as seen by GEE’s deal with EMC/MTN and Panasonic’s acquisition of ITC Global. However, while the drop in pricing is leading to a rise in broadband adoption, the narrowband market opportunity remains sizable, and may provide additional strategies for producing value.

    NSR’s Maritime Satcom Markets, 4th edition report forecasts that…

  • UltraHD is seen as cutting edge technology – one which provides a more immersive customer experience, and is expected to open up new revenue streams for manufacturers, pay TV platforms, and satellite operators alike. However, there is currently debate on the long-term picture for UltraHD – some envisage either a comprehensive range of channels like HD offers many countries today, a small but increasing niche, or a repeat of the downfall of 3D content.

    The UltraHD end-game differs between…