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Author: Claude Rousseau (X)

  • IFC Going the Wrong Way?

    Jun 21st, 2018 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile


    Wrong: in an unsuccessful or unfortunate way or out of working order or condition

    These two definitions offered by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary could aptly describe what many believe is the quality and state of inflight connectivity in general today.  But is this the right way to think of a business on a slow but definite upward slope?

    Stories that rub the ‘wrong’ way on IFC include icing fluids or rain entering radomes, bird-strike issues, networks unavailable for long parts of…

  • In the race to gain more customers for its onboard Wi-Fi service, airlines are following a path that could be surprisingly efficient to generating more revenues: they are giving it away.  That is, partially. Indeed, the hope is that some free airtime will lead passengers to get hooked and pay for continued or better service.

    The moves by airlines to monetize what is a costly investment to their passengers in what is still a highly fragmented inflight connectivity (IFC) market, could set…

  • IFC: Bubble or Boom?

    Jul 25th, 2017 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Is the industry in the midst of an in-flight connectivity (IFC) bubble? Or is the market ready to boom without going bust? IFC service providers are far from profitable and their bottom line will remain in red ink for at least 2 to 3 years with only GoGo, the largest IFC provider by aircraft online, stating it will see positive free cash flow only in 2019.  Where does this lead an industry that does not discuss doomsday scenarios or exit strategies in this high-growth satellite market?