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Author: Lluc Palerm-Serra (X)

  • Cellular backhaul is expected to be one of the fundamental growth pillars in the satellite industry. Gone are the days when satellite was just a last resort solution for Universal Service Obligations with negligible returns for Mobile Operators. The interest from Mobile Operators to adopt satellite solutions has grown based on new capabilities and new use cases. What are these new use cases boosting the new wave of growth and how should satellite offers adapt?

    Satellite backhaul will…

  • No Neutral Side in This Debate

    May 08th, 2017 by Lluc Palerm-Serra   More from this Analyst | Profile

    As FCC Chairman Ajit Pai recently proposed to roll back Net Neutrality rules, this reactivated one of the most heated debates in the telecom ecosystem. Arguing for keeping an “Open Internet” on one side and for creating a “framework to foster investments in Broadband” on the other, tech companies and Internet providers are poised for an inevitable clash in the name of better end-user services. Beyond the political debate, what are the implications for users, telecom actors and, in…

  • Backhaul is sure to be a key protagonist for reactivating satellite industry growth. The prospects are auspicious but to materialize the opportunity, satcom needs to attract the “mainstream” customer beyond the early adopters. In Geoffrey Moore’s words, how can satellite backhaul cross the chasm?

    Satellite backhaul will generate tremendous opportunities for all actors in the value chain. According to NSR’S Wireless Backhaul via Satellite, 11th Edition report, capacity revenues will grow…