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  • SAR Satellite Imagery Surges

    Feb 12th, 2015 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile

    The recent launch of a Japanese radar satellite (IGS-5) on an H-2A rocket is the latest indication that seeing through clouds at any time of the day is a continuing trend.

    Initially devised to counter the testing by North Korea of missiles flying over its territory in 1998, the IGS-5 was the 9th military reconnaissance satellite that Japan has launched to date and the third synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite launched in the past 4 years.  The satellites, coupled with other optical…

  • Redirected to subject matter Research Director - original author no longer with NSR

    New Pockets of Cash

    LEO satellites have seen at least four separate ventures announced, and surely many more filings made, over the past two years. In an industry that is always at the “cusp” of something and perpetually ripe for a “paradigm shift” NSR has adopted a cautiously optimistic stand to LEO constellations. This time around, the entry of Elon Musk and Richard Branson as heavyweights contending…

  • Every homeowner will eventually reach a point where they will ask themselves, “If I was to remodel my kitchen, would I Do-it-Myself or get a Kitchen-as-a-Service?”  With a Swedish kitchen remodel offering organized bliss and respectable prices… the extra labor often gets lost amongst the endless supply of nuts, bolts and Allen wrenches.  Left to wonder how an entire kitchen will fit into a hatch-back, another big-box store promises to not only deliver… but design, install, and…