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FREE UPCOMING WEBINAR: Turning Big Data via Satellite into Big Dollars


In today’s world, businesses are built on how quickly they can turn data into their next competitive advantage.  From leveraging space-based Earth Observation data to predicting retail sales to predictive engine analytics from embedded sensor data to combining advanced imaging and position location data to reduce fertilizer usage in precision agriculture – there is no industry untouched by these “Big Data” applications.  The satellite industry will play a key role in enabling those insights – and where opportunity ultimately lies for satellite companies.

Join NSR as it dives into the what and the where of the opportunity for the satellite industry to turn Big Data into Big Dollars, where this FREE webinar will answer:

  • Which vertical market/s leads the pack for Big Data revenues?
  • EO or M2M – Imaging vs. sensor-based Big Data opportunities?
  • What does it take to build-out a Big Data-centric application?
  • Where is this Big Data trend going, and how can you ride the wave?
  • What is the opportunity for Big Data to turn into Big Dollars for the satellite industry

Tuesday, July 25

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