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High Altitude Platforms (HAPs), 2nd Edition

Published: April 2018

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This NSR report offers a comprehensive analysis of the global HAPs market, including projects underway, platforms, applications and growth prospects.  Many space-based and non-space actors have proposed plans to enter the communications, remote sensing and launch markets by using HAPs, such as airships, balloons, and pseudo-satellites. The key drivers enabling this interest are associated to the unique value proposition HAPs bring to the table. This 2nd edition report leverages NSR’s extensive experience in evaluating satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle markets, to deliver an industry-leading analysis on the current and future state of the HAPs market.

While comparing the development timelines between competitors to help readers better understand HAPs potential, NSR also dives into the regulatory framework and provides clarity on the airworthiness certification requirements proposed and recommended by national and international regulatory agencies.

High Altitude Platforms (HAPs), 2nd Edition answers fundamental questions for the HAPs market:

  • Who are the main HAPs players?
  • What are the CAPEX requirements for HAPs, and are HAPs complimentary to satellites?
  • Which HAPs platforms are likely to succeed?
  • What is the motivation behind commercial investment?
  • What are the key advantages of HAPs over satellite?
  • What are the capabilities of available and upcoming HAPs?
  • What are the regulatory challenges for HAPs?
  • What level of HAPs growth is expected and in which region?
  • How many HAPs will be in service in the next ten years?
  • What will be the revenues generated by HAPs in the coming decade? 

Data Segmentation

High-Altitude Platforms (HAPs), 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive assessment of key parameters to help readers assess the various markets components and includes the following elements:

  • A global comparison of over 40 operational, testing, and in-development HAPs.
  • An in-depth analysis of the top HAPs applications.
  • Forecast of unit growth, price, and revenue.

Report Segmentation

Who Should Purchase the Report:

  • Airship, Balloon, Pseudo-Satellite, Satellite Providers and Operators
  • Airship, Balloon, Pseudo-Satellite Payload Providers and Integrators
  • Satellite Providers and Operators
  • Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and Financial Institutions
  • Government Agencies Active in Space, Defense, Scientific Research, & Education
  • Regulatory Agencies and Policy Makers
  • UAS Providers and Operators
  • Experimental Aircraft, High-Altitude Aircraft, and Aerostat Providers and Operators
  • Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Users
  • Communications, Navigation, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence Users
  • Adventure Tourism Agencies

Executive Summary
ES.1 Executive Summary: Airships
ES.2 Executive Summary: Balloons
ES.3 Executive Summary: Pseudo-Satellites

1. Market Overview
1.1 Definitions
  1.1.1 Definitions & Scope: Acronyms
  1.1.2 Definitions & Scope: High-Altitude
  1.1.3 Definitions & Scope: Airships
  1.1.4 Definitions & Scope: Balloons
  1.1.5 Definitions & Scope: Pseudo-Satellites
1.2 State of the Market
  1.2.1 State of the Market: Airships
  1.2.2 State of the Market: Balloons
  1.2.3 State of the Market: Pseudo-Satellites
1.3 Market Drivers & Restraints
  1.3.1 Market Drivers
   1.3.2 Market Restraints
1.4 Funding
1.5 Main Actors
  1.5.1 Main Actors: Airships
  1.5.2 Main Actors: Balloons
  1.5.3 Main Actors: Pseudo-Satellites
1.6 Main Actors by Sector
  1.6.1 Main Actors by Sector: Military
  1.6.2 Main Actors by Sector: Civil Government
  1.6.3 Main Actors by Sector: Commercial
1.7 Timeline Comparison
  1.7.1 Google Loon vs. Google Skybender
  1.7.2 Facebook vs. Airbus
  1.7.3 Zero2infinity vs. WorldView
1.8 Capabilities Comparison
1.9 CAPEX Comparison: HAPs vs. Satellites

2. Applications
2.1 Communications & Remote Sensing
2.2 Navigation, Scientific Research & Technology Testing
2.3 Emerging Applications

3. Regulations
3.1 Regulations Overview
3.2 Regulations: Airworthiness Certification
3.3 Regulations: ITU Regulatory Timeline

4. Market Forecast
4.1 Global Units
  4.1.1 Units: Airships
  4.1.2 Units: Balloons
  4.1.3 Units: Pseudo-Satellites
4.2 Global Revenues
  4.2.1 Revenues: Airships
  4.2.2 Revenues: Balloons
  4.2.3 Revenues: Pseudo-Satellites

Appendix: Methodology & Data