China’s LEO Constellation Ambitions

In late-February 2018, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) announced plans to build a constellation of 300 small satellites in LEO for global communications and other services. The Hongyan (translated as “wild goose”) constellation, which is targeted to be operational by 2021, was originally designed for 60 satellites. The current plan expands to.

CAPEX Delayed is CAPEX Saved…

With Space Logistics, LLC (Orbital ATK) landing its 2nd customer and Effective Space Solutions its 1st, interest in In-Orbit Servicing (IoS) is making a comeback, conceivably to stay this time. In theory, IoS presents diverse opportunities, from extending satellite life and transporting it to the correct orbit in the near term, to repairs and potentially.

Innovation or Disruption Ahead for Gov & Mil Markets?

In a few weeks, the satellite industry will gather in Washington DC for the annual Satellite show.  Set in the backyard of one of the largest consumers of commercial satellite capacity in the world, the show will focus on the “What’s New and What’s Next” – a constantly changing conversation in the space industry.  However,.