Regulatory Barriers Limiting Cellular Backhaul

Satellite Backhaul has historically relied heavily on coverage obligations to attract demand. Consequently, regulators were the primary driver for demand in this vertical. However, if satcom is to capture the massive opportunities in this vertical while bridging the digital divide, it should be able to serve commercially-driven sites. In this new paradigm, legacy regulations and.

LEO-HTS Constellations Present Great Promise but Challenging Business Cases

NSR’s New Report Finds Despite High CAPEX, Technical and Regulatory Challenges, Constellations Set to Generate 12% of Satcom Revenue by 2027   Cambridge, MA – May 2, 2018 – NSR’s industry-first Satellite Constellations: A Critical Analysis report, released today, forecasts a mixed outcome for large HTS constellations.  NSR predicts two, out of the five Non-GEO.