NSR’s Revelation … Maritime SATCOM Market will Double Over Next 10 Years

SATNEWS – NSR has released their report referring to the maritime SATCOM market, and the good news is that it will be doubling over the next 10 years — Maritime SATCOM Markets are in a growth-phase.  NSR’s Maritime SATCOM Markets, 6th Edition explores the market for maritime satellite connectivity.  There has been a recent explosion of bandwidth.

Business Jets: Broadband Connectivity Unleashed

The business jet community’s annual ‘grand mass’ in Europe held in late May this year rumbled with positivism about the status of the industry going forward.  Following many years of ups and downs, observers and stakeholders held the view that the industry was well on its way to a full recovery.  These good signs are.

The Future of Satellite Video

APSCC Article written by NSR, Senior Analyst Alan Crisp   The traditional linear TV via satellite market has been a mainstay of satellite operator revenues, with long term contracts providing certainty, and the high bandwidth nature of video boosting fill rates for many FSS satellite operators. However, there are significant challenges on the horizon, …

Satellite IoT Startups Launch: Experts foresee a shakeout in space

EE TIMES – Ultimately, the vast majority of IoT connections will be on terrestrial networks. Satellites from a few entrenched suppliers and perhaps a few newcomers will serve a small niche, according to Alan Crisp, a senior analyst with Northern Sky Research who tracks the area. “I expect the market will only handle a few.

Satellite Constellations: Too Much of a Good Thing?

LEO constellations, theoretically, benefit from economies of scale which, in simple terms, is the cost saving associated with the increased level of production. The advantages come in the form of discounts for bulk orders and higher production volume as a result of specialized resources – human and otherwise, to name a few. While the benefits.