Small GEO Satellites – Viable Option or Not?

Small GEOs – the latest solution in the long list of capacity options that operators are looking to implement. With rising competition in most countries, and decreasing break-even pricing via ever more efficient satellites and reduced launch costs, many operators see large GEO sats as quite risky for regional appetite.

Satnews: NSR’s Latest EO Report Just Published

[NSR] said that currently there are strong, competing forces in the EO industry with technology pushing for volume and variety of data imagery. However, as each customer is different, challenges of scale exist. Traditional, usually government-based, contracts and funding for the provision of high and very high-resolution imagery dominate the market.

Smallsats a Big Change for MSS IoT

With small satellite operators continuing to receive new rounds of funding, and small satellite launches continuing, what impact will this have on existing satellite M2M/IoT market and operators?