Satellite Evolution Group: A Nearly US$17 billion opportunity for flat panel satellite antennas over the next decade

NSR’s Flat Panel Satellite Antenna Analysis, 6th Edition report, released today, sees over 6 million cumulative FPA shipments generating nearly US$17 billion in equipment revenues over the next decade. The growing Non-GEO HTS Consumer Broadband market will yield nearly US$5 million in shipments alone, driven by the growing number of HTS constellations expected over the.

Boston Globe: A big cash boost for Boston space startup Accion

Northern Sky Research, a Boston aerospace consulting firm, called the deal “a pretty firm vote of confidence” in Accion’s technology. NSR said up to 24,000 satellites are expected to be launched over the next decade. While many will be large and heavy, thousands of others will be much smaller, as more companies launch “constellations” of multiple.