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Global Space Economy, 3rd Edition

PUBLISHED: January 2023

Available Licenses: Corporate: $8,995

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  • Key Features
  • Table of Contents
  • Supporting Articles

NSR’s Global Space Economy, 3rd Edition (GSE3) report provides readers an exclusive market view of the entire space economy. After years of unbridled growth, the Satellite and Space markets are seeing and feeling the market slowdown felt across the globe – or are they?

NSR’s provides unparalleled insights on first-order revenues from the launching, manufacturing, and sale of space-based services. GSE3 focuses on the revenue outlook over the period of 10 years, split into three segmentations: Infrastructure, Applications, and Communications.

NSR’s GSE3 answers these key questions:
  • Where are the major opportunities in the space economy?
  • When will infrastructure investments transition to service-based revenues?
  • Are current macroeconomic headwinds challenging the long-term growth picture?
  • Will Non-GEO displace GEO as a key orbit for value creation?
  • What is the opportunity for direct-to-device services?

Who Should Purchase this Report:

  • Venture Capital Analysts/Managers
  • Business Strategy Mangers
  • SATCOM Service Providers
  • National Space Agencies (Business Incubation)
  • Launch Providers
  • Government and Military Organizations

NSR Difference

An often over-hyped market, especially with the recent pasts’ influx of investor money, ‘NewSpace’ companies and wealthy ‘players’; NSR offers an unbiased, focused view on the pure-space opportunity. NSR clients benefit from our unparallelled research library and decades of working directly with the industry’s key players. This knowledge and insight gives NSR, and our clients the edge to see past the hype.

Covered in this Report:

  • NEW in this Edition – A new report format approach highlighting challenges, key drivers, and NSR predictions.
  • 3 verticals – Infrastructure, Application, and Communications.
  • Forecasts for 10 Regions – Global, North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia, and Ocean regions.
  • A unified and harmonized dataset leveraging NSR’s comprehensive research library.

Report Segmentation:

  • Satellite & Space Infrastructure – Focused on the manufacturing and launching opportunities in the space sector.
  • Satellite & Space Applications – Earth Observation, M2M/IoT, Big Data and other application-centric use-cases and revenue streams.
  • Satellite & Space Communications – Satellite connectivity opportunities, including the growing direct-to-device segment.
Companies included in this Report:

SpaceX Starlink, OneWeb, ViaSat, Canadian Space Agency, Indian Ministry of Defense, European Space Agency, SES, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Inmarsat, Eutelsat, T-Mobile, Globalstar, Apple, Samsung, Iridium, KT, NASA, AquarianSpace, AALYRIA, L3Harris.

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Table of Contents

  1. Global Space Economy Executive Summary
    1. Overview
    2. Regional Outlook
    3. A $1.4 Trillion Opportunity
  2. Key Findings
    1. Emerging Applications and Connectivity Plays
    2. Historical Growth Comparisons
  3. Challenges and Recommendations
    1. Near-term Headwinds
    2. Connectivity is the Growth Engine
    3. Predictions from 2022
      1. M&A will continue in SATCOM Markets
      2. A Second Wave of Direct Satellite-to-Device Deals
      3. Starship Strategy
    4. 3 Big Growth Opportunities in the Global Space Economy
    5. Recommendations to 2031
  4. Appendix
    1. Forecast at-a-glance
    2. Satellite & Space Infrastructure
    3. Satellite & Space Applications
    4. Satellite & Space Communications
    5. Definitions
    6. Changelog

List of Exhibits

  1. Global Space Economy Executive Summary
    1. Global Space Economy Summary
    2. Table of Regional Revenues
    3. NSR’s Global Space Economy Revenues, 2021 to 2031 (USD$B)
  2. Key Findings
    1. Global Space Economy Market (USD$B), 2021 to 2031
    2. NSR’s Global Space Economy Historical Forecasts, 2019 to 2031
  3. Challenges and Recommendations
    1. Global Space Economy Historical Yearly Revenue (USD$B)
    2. Global Space Economy SATCOM Verticals Breakdown, 2021 to 2031 (USD$B)
    3. SATCOM Supply Breakdown (Gbps)
    4. Economies of Scale on the Launchpad–Cost per Mbps per Month to Orbit per Satellite by Throughput.
    5. Global GEO-HTS & Non-GEO-HTS Bandwidth Supply (in Gbps)
    6. 1,444,039 Gbps Non-GEO “Filed” Supply as of 2022
    7. Mobility Market Breakdown
    8. Mobility Regional Breakdown
    9. Mobility Segmentation Breakdown
    10. Global Satellite Order and Launches
    11. 2021 Launch Market Share (%)
    12. Global Manufacturing and Launch Revenue
    13. Applications Market Opportunity Growth Rate (%)
    14. Infrastructure Market Opportunity Growth Rate (%)
    15. Communications Market Opportunity Growth Rate (%)
  4. Appendix
    1. Global Space Economy Forecast, 2021 to 2031 (USD$B)
    2. Global Space Economy Cumulative Outlook (USD$B)
    3. Global Space Economy Regional Breakdown (USD$B)
    4. Satellite & Space Infrastructure Market Segmentation, Current vs. Previous Edition
    5. Spotlight: Crew & Cargo (USD$B), ‘21 to ‘31
    6. Infrastructure Regional Breakdown (USD$B)
    7. Satellite & Space Infrastructure Segment Revenues, 2021 to 2031 (USD$B)
    8. Satellite & Space Infrastructure Orbital Breakdown (’21 to ’31)
    9. Satellite & Space Applications Market Segmentation, Current vs. Previous Edition
    10. Spotlight: EO Information Products (USD$B), ‘21 to 31
    11. Applications Regional Breakdown (USD$B)
    12. Satellite & Space Applications Segment Revenues (USD$B)
    13. Satellite & Space Applications Orbital Breakdown (’21 to ’31)
    14. Satellite & Space Communications Market Segmentation, Current vs. Previous Edition
    15. Spotlight: Mobility and the Satellite-to-Device Opportunity
    16. Communications Regional Breakdown (USD$B)
    17. Satellite & Space Communications Segment Revenues (USD$B)
    18. Satellite & Space Communications Orbital Breakdown (’21 to ’31)
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