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Optical Satellite Communications, 5th Edition

PUBLISHED: January 2023

Available Licenses: Corporate: $8,995

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NSR’s industry leading Optical Satellite Communications, 5th Edition (OSC5) report provides the industry’s only detailed analyses of the evolving space-based laser communication ecosystem.

Including market forecasts built upon years of research into the space infrastructure and applications markets, NSR’s Optical Satellite Communications, 5th Edition (OSC5) provides unparalleled market insight of key players and technologies shaping this industry, spanning the entire satellite optical communications value chain.

NSR’S Optical Satellite Communications, 5th Edition leverages NSR’s leading research into Satellite Manufacturing and Launch, Satellite Constellations, Government and Military Satellite Communications, Space Data Downlink, Space Data Traffic and Earth Observation markets.

Key questions are answered in this report?
  • Which application is driving the highest demand for space-based laser communication?
  • What are the key market trends influencing the market growth?
  • What will be the size of LCT market in the next 10 years? Where is the growth narrative?
  • What are the latest developments on the optical ground system market?
  • What does the market landscape look like and who are the key players in the market?
  • What are major challenges and opportunities with optical ground stations?
  • What is the revenue forecast for LCTs in space? What is the market demand by applications, regions, and scenarios?
  • Bottom Line: How does NSR see the market for optical satellite communications evolving over the next ten years?
Who Should Purchase this Report:
  • Satellite Communications Equipment Manufacturers
  • EO and HTS Satellite Operators
  • Data Downlink Service Providers: Relay Network and Ground Station Operators
  • Financial Institutions and Investors
  • Agencies Funding FSOC Research
  • Opto-Electronic Systems Players
  • System Integrators
  • R&D Organizations
Covered in this Report:
  • NEW in this Edition – Snapshot of Competitive Landscape (Updated)
  • NEW in this Edition – Investment Analysis
  • NEW in this Edition – Key Recent Industry Deals Analysis
  • NEW in this Edition – Qualitative analysis of Optical Ground Systems and Scope for Expansion
  • NEW in this Edition – LCT Terminal Pricing Forecast by Orbit
  • NEW in this Edition – Key Strategic Recommendations
  • Evaluates optical satellite communications drivers and restraints
  • Qualitative analysis across applications such as communications, Earth observation, and data relay
  • 10-year forecast for optical satellite communication equipment market.
  • Analyses market challenges for space-ground market.

Companies included in this Report:

SpaceX, Spire Global, Space Development Agency (SDA), OneWeb, Telesat, Amazon, NASA, Mynaric, ESA, USAF, Airbus, TNO, DARPA, Viasat, L3 Harris, Northrop Grumman, Blue Halo, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Inmarsat, SES, Bridgecomm, Space Micro, York Space Systems, Space Compass, Cailabs, Contec, Skyperfect JSAT, NTT, NewSpace Capital, SpaceLink, DARPA, Cloud Constellation, H3 HATS, JR Aerospace, Rhea Space Activity, KSAT, DLR, Kepler Communications, Thales Alenia Space, Tesat-Spacecom, Skyloom, SpeQtral, Honeywell Aerospace, Ball Aerospace, CACI, Hedron, WarpSpace, Addvalue iDRS, Leaf Space, Orbits Edge, Capella Space, IQ SpaceCom, Loft Orbital, Synspective, USSF, JAXA, AstroScale, Atomos Space, ICEYE, Satellogic, Blacksky Global, Planet, Astrogate Labs, QinetiQ,  Astra Systeme Austria, Plane Wave Instruments, X-Lumin, Synopta, Miratlas, SSC, Atlas Space Operations, RBC Signals, mBryonics, CNES, Xenesis

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Table of Contents


Executive Summary 

Strategic Recommendations

Bottom line

  1. Market Overview
    1. FSOC: Overview
    2. Market Trends
      1. Communications: A High Growth Market
      2. Earth Observation Data Downlink Drives Smaller Market
      3. Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity considerations
    3. Market Applications
      1. Optical Backbone Networks for Communications Backhaul & Trunking
      2. EO Downlink
      3. Beyond Earth (Lunar Communications) and Space Stations
      4. Air-to-air and air-to-space communications (UAVs)
    4. News & Deals
    5. Investment Analysis
    6. Addressable Market Dynamics
      1. Total Addressable Market
      2. Serviceable Available Market
  2. Market Landscape
    1. Equipment Manufacturers
    2. Connectivity Market
      1. Constellations
      2. Data Relay Networks
    3. Earth Observation Market
    4. Optical Ground Segment
      1. Optical Ground Segment: Overview
      2. Optical Ground Segment: Key Players
  3. Market Forecasts
    1. Global Market Forecasts
      1. LCT Units
      2. Equipment Revenues
      3. Forecast Comparison
    2. Space-Space Link Forecasts
      1. LCT Units
      2. Equipment Revenues
    3. Space-Ground Link Forecasts
      1. LCT Units
      2. Equipment Revenues
    4. Pricing Forecast by Orbit


Interview Stats


List of Exhibits

Executive Summary

Executive Summary – LCT Equipment Revenues by Application

  1. Market Overview
    1. Market Trends
      1. Satellite Launches: Communication
      2. Satellite Launches: Earth Observation
    2. News and Deals
    3. Addressable Market Dynamics
      1. LCT TAM, by Application
      2. LCT TAM, by region
      3. LCT TAM, by market type
      4. LCT SAM, by Application
      5. LCT SAM, by region
  2. Market Landscape
  3. Market Forecasts
    1. Global Market Forecasts
      1. LCT Units, by Scenario
      2. LCT Units, by region
      3. LCT Units, by Link
      4. LCT Equipment Revenues, by Application
      5. LCT Cumulative Equipment Revenues, by Application
      6. LCT Equipment Revenues, by Orbit
      7. LCT for communications Forecasts Comparison
      8. LCT for EO Forecasts Comparison
      9. LCT Forecasts Comparison
      10. LCT Equipment Revenues for Communications Forecasts Comparison
      11. LCT Equipment Revenues for EO Forecasts Comparison
      12. LCT Equipment Revenues Forecasts Comparison
    2. Space-Space Link Forecast
      1. Optical ISL terminals, by region
      2. Optical ISL Terminals, by Application
      3. Optical ISL LCT for Communications, by Scenario
      4. Optical ISL LCT Earth Observation, by Scenario
      5. Optical ISL Equipment Revenues, by Application
      6. Optical ISL Equipment Revenues, by region
    3. Space-Ground Link Forecast
      1. Optical DTE Terminals, by Application
      2. Optical DTE LCT, by Scenario
      3. Optical DTE Equipment Revenues, by Application
      4. Optical DTE Equipment Revenues, by region


Forecast Methodology

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