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Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 7th Edition (2021)

Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 7th Edition (2021)

PUBLISHED: April 2021

Available Licenses: Standard: $4,795 Enterprise: $8,795

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NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 7th Edition (2021) SCPI7 continues as the leading industry resource for satellite capacity pricing worldwide.  Built on 16+ years of pricing research and synthesized with inputs from top strategic leaders in the satellite operator and service provider industry, NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 7th Edition (2021) delivers thought-provoking insights into how multiple factors affect pricing. Building on per region, per application and per frequency band analysis, this report presents a quantitative evolution across the market until 2022.


NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 7th Edition (2021) analyzes the:

  • Structural pricing decline that in turns bolsters industry revenues in segments like Backhaul, Broadband and Mobility.
  • Showcasing the trend across 6 years, from 2016 to 2022 forecast, with the latest report dissecting all 8 major satcom segments by FSS/HTS and by 10 major regions of the world.
  • Covering underlying themes of LEO mega-constellations, OTT impact, supply-demand, contract duration, regional macroeconomic inefficiencies, competition and retention discounts, that underscore the declines observed across several segments.

NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 7th Edition Answers these Key Questions:

  • Will the pricing decline bottom out, and when?
  • Which are the best performing verticals in the market today, and what is the divergence?
  • What has been the historical percentage drop in pricing?
  • How fast is the decline for GEO-HTS capacity anticipated, and will LEO satellite constellations have any impact in the near term?
  • What are the current backhaul and broadband prices in the market, and what is the near-term forecast for these segments?
  • How stable is the video market in terms of pricing?
  • Will pandemic-hit maritime, aero and O&G stabilize?
  • How do major broadband providers benchmark for consumer satellite broadband plans across surveyed countries?

The Bottom Line: NSR finds deceleration in capacity price erosion in the context of looming structural changes driven by Non-GEO and VHTS programs



SCPI7 features the continuation of a pricing tool and pricing forecast model used in earlier editions to analyze both the price influencing factors, and the econometric changes in the industry to appropriately model the decline of prices in 2021-2022. The 18 factors used across four verticals help untangle key insights around discount and premium pricing ranges, and the % change from last year reproduces the dynamics that industry has witnessed.

Due to this elaborate dissection of discount pricing, several operator strategies and global mean pricing index can be interpreted well. The study uses inputs from report-focused industry interviews with major stakeholders as well as NSR reports including, but not limited to Global Satellite Supply and Demand, Satellite Operator Financial Analysis, VSAT and Broadband Satellite Markets, and Government & Military Satellite Communications.

NSR developed a Pricing Index Dashboard to dissect and visualize all report data based on user selectable filters. Report clients can flexibly visualize data and trends for selectable sets of regions, frequency bands and applications. Additionally, new data sets with satellite broadband service plans collected from major satellite broadband providers drive a Satellite Broadband Pricing Dashboard. Datasets and NSR calculations are transparently shared in tabular format for easy treatment outside the dashboard tool.

NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 7th Edition (2021)-

Pricing Index and Satellite Broadband Dashboards

Who Should Purchase this Report?

  • Satellite Operators
  • Service Providers and Integrators
  • Investment Community
  • Underwriters
  • Innovation and Industry Agencies
  • End Users of FSS Widebeam C/Ku and HTS Ku/Ka Satellite Services
  • Anyone Seeking a Detailed, Actionable Assessment of the Satellite Industry with a focus on capacity buying behavior or investment related decisions.

Companies Profiled or Mentioned in this Report:

APSTAR, Arabsat, Avanti, Disney, Eutelsat, Gogo, HellasSat, Hispasat, HughesNet, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Kacific, Netflix, OneWeb, Orbith, SES, Starlink, Thaicom IPStar, ViaSat, XporeNet, and Yahsat.

Table of Contents

Excel Files:

Client Excel – with all report data tables and charts

Dashboard – with data in tabular format and visualizations via configurable filters

    • Pricing Index and Forecast Dashboard
    • Satellite Broadband Plans Dashboards

CSV file – for data processing outside the NSR dashboard


PDF Report:

Executive Summary

Global Mean Price Index

Market Dynamics and Pricing Forecast

Contents of the Report

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction
    1. Chapter Introduction
    2. Factors Influencing Price
    3. Price Factors 1 (Video and Data)
    4. Price Factors 2 (Mobility and Gov/Mil)
    5. Introduction to NSR Pricing Model
    6. Value Chain Dynamics
    7. Operator Strategies
    8. Price Range Dynamics
    9. Key Verticals and Pricing Strategies
    10. Bottom Line
  2.  Chapter 2: Price Index, Historical Pricing & Range
    1. Pricing Index and Range – Overview
    2. Video Distribution: C and Ku band
    3. DTH: Ku band
    4. Enterprise Data: C and Ku band
    5. Backhaul and Trunking: C and Ku band and GEO-HTS
    6. Consumer Broadband: GEO-HTS
    7. Maritime/O&G: C and Ku band
    8. Maritime/O&G: GEO-HTS
    9. Aero: C and Ku band and GEO-HTS
    10. Gov-Mil: C and Ku band and GEO-HTS
  3.  Chapter 3: Price Forecast & Commentary
    1. Chapter Introduction
    2. Pricing Forecast – Overview
    3. Pricing Forecast – Video Distribution and DTH
    4. Pricing Forecast – Data/Trunking/Backhaul FSS/HTS
    5. Pricing Forecast – Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS
    6. Pricing Forecast – Maritime/O&G FSS/HTS
    7. Pricing Forecast – Aero FSS/HTS
    8. Pricing Forecast – Gov-Mil FSS/HTS
    9. Pricing Commentary 

Appendix: Methodology

List of Exhibits

  1. Executive Summary
    1. Video and DTH: Global Mean Index Price
    2. Gov-Mil: Global Mean Index Price
    3. Enterprise Data: Global Mean Index Price
    4. Backhaul and Broadband: Global Mean Index Price
    5. Mobility and Aero: Global Mean Index Price
  2. Chapter 2: Price Index, Historical Pricing & Range
    1. Video Distribution C-band Price Index and Range
    2. Video Distribution Ku-band Price Index and Range
    3. Video Distribution C-band Pricing: 2016-2021
    4. Video Distribution Ku-band Pricing: 2016-2021
    5. DTH Ku-band Price Index and Range
    6. DTH Ku-band Hotspot Pricing: 2016-2021
    7. DTH Ku-band Pricing: 2016-2021
    8. Enterprise Data C-band Price Index and Range
    9. Enterprise Data Ku-band Price Index and Range
    10. Enterprise Data C-band Pricing: 2016-2021
    11. Enterprise Data Ku-band Pricing: 2016-2021
    12. Trunking C-band Price Index and Range
    13. Backhaul Ku-band Price Index and Range
    14. Backhaul/Data GEO-HTS Price Index and Range
    15. Backhaul/Data GEO-HTS Pricing: 2016-2021
    16. Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS Price Index and Range
    17. Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS Pricing: 2016-2021
    18. Maritime/O&G C-band Price Index and Range
    19. Maritime/O&G Ku-band Price Index and Range
    20. Maritime/O&G C-band Pricing: 2016-2021
    21. Maritime/O&G Ku-band Pricing: 2016-2021
    22. Maritime/O&G GEO-HTS Price Index and Range
    23. Maritime/O&G GEO-HTS Pricing: 2016-2021
    24. Aero Ku-band Pricing: Price Index and Range
    25. Aero GEO-HTS Pricing: Price Index and range
    26. Gov/Mil C-band Price Index and Range
    27. Gov/Mil Ku-band Price Index and Range
    28. Gov/Mil GEO-HTS Price Index and Range
  3. Chapter 3: Price Forecast & Commentary
    1. Video Distribution C-band- Price Forecast
    2. Video Distribution Ku-band- Price Forecast
    3. DTH Ku-band- Price Forecast
    4. Enterprise Data C-band- Price Forecast
    5. Enterprise Data Ku-band- Price Forecast
    6. Trunking C-band- Price Forecast
    7. Backhaul Ku-band- Price Forecast
    8. Backhaul/Data GEO-HTS- Price Forecast
    9. Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS- Price Forecast
    10. Maritime/O&G C-band- Price Forecast
    11. Maritime/O&G Ku-band- Price Forecast
    12. Mobility GEO-HTS- Price Forecast
    13. Aero Ku-band – Price Forecast
    14. Aero GEO-HTS – Price Forecast
    15. Gov/Mil C-band- Price Forecast
    16. Gov/Mil Ku-band- Price Forecast
    17. Gov-Mil GEO-HTS- Price Forecast
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