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Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 9th Edition


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NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 9th Edition (SCPI9) is the industry resource for global satellite capacity pricing. Our report is built on comprehensive pricing research, ensuring that you receive the most accurate and reliable information available.

Our spot index for Q1 2023 and anticipated price ranges provide you with real-time insights into current market conditions. We also offer seven-year historical data and forecast for Q1 2024, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the market’s trends.

SCPI9 provides the most extensive market and historical analysis of satellite capacity pricing, covering 11 regions, FSS and HTS bands, and seven application segments. Our report goes beyond the basics to offer insights into the impact of LEO constellation operators, satcom consolidation, and macroeconomic conditions on satellite capacity pricing, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

With Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 9th Edition, you’ll have access to the latest and most comprehensive information available, ensuring that you’re making the most informed decisions for your business.

Key questions answered in this report:
  • What is satellite capacity’s spot and future pricing on a $/MHz/Month or $/Mbps/Month basis across regions, frequency bands and application segments?
  • What is the impact of Starlink commercialization and future on GEO satellite pricing?
  • What is the impact of inflation and rising interest rates on capacity pricing?
  • When will the pricing decline bottom out? Will it be sustained?
  • Which is the best-performing verticals in the market today?
  • How are various verticals converging or diverging on pricing, and what has been the historical percentage drop in pricing? Will this continue to be the case?

Who Should Purchase this Report

  • Satellite Operators
  • Service Providers and Integrators
  • Investment Community
  • Underwriters
  • Innovation and Industry Agencies
  • End Users of FSS Widebeam C/Ku and HTS Ku/Ka Satellite Services
Covered in this Report
  • NEW in this Edition – Concise insights on operator pricing strategies.
  • Examination of macroeconomic factors on satellite capacity pricing.
  • Analysis of Pricing Decline Trends and Timeline
  • Assessment of Key Vertical Performance in the market today and evolution going forward.
  • Details 7-year Historical Price Movement
  • Evaluates Anticipated GEO-HTS capacity rates, and will LEO Satellite Constellations have any Impact in the Near Term and Long Term
  • Q1 2024 Pricing Forecast across 11 Regions, Frequency Bands, and Applications
Report Segmentation


  • Global Mean Index
  • Q1 2023 Pricing Index and Range
  • 2018-2023 Historical Pricing
  • Q1 2024 Pricing Forecast


  • NAM
  • LAM
  • WEU
  • CEEU
  • MENA
  • SSA
  • EA
  • SA/SEA
  • AOR
  • IOR
  • POR



  • C-band
  • Ku-band


Companies Studied in this Report Include:

ACCESS, Africa Mobile Networks, Amazon, Andesat, Antrix/ISRO, APT Satellite, APSTAR, Arabsat, AsiaSat, Astranis, AT&T, Avanti, Axess, Bell, China Satcom, Claro, Comtech, Digicel, Dish, EchoStar, Eutelsat, Gilat, Globe Telecom, Gogo, Hispasat, Hughes, HughesNet, Huawei, iDirect, Inmarsat, Intelsat, JSAT, Kacific, KDDI, Kuiper, MEASAT, MTN, NBN, Novelsat, NuRAN, OneWeb, Optus, Orange, Panasonic, Reliance Jio, SES, Sky, Softbank, Spacebridge, SpaceX, Spacecom, Speedcast, Sprint, Star One, Starlink, Talia, Telefonica, Telenor, Telesat, Thaicom, TIM, Verizon, ViaSat, Vodafone, Yahsat, and ZTE.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Global Mean Price Index
  • Market Dynamics and Pricing Forecast Contents of the Report
  1. Chapter 1: Price Index, Historical Pricing & Range
    1. Pricing Index and Range – Overview
    2. Video Distribution: C and Ku band
    3. DTH: Ku band
    4. Enterprise Data: C and Ku band
    5. Backhaul and Trunking: C and Ku band and GEO-HTS
    6. Consumer Broadband: GEO-HTS
    7. Maritime/O&G: C and Ku band
    8. Maritime/O&G: GEO-HTS
    9. Aero: C and Ku band and GEO-HTS
    10. Gov-Mil: C and Ku band and GEO-HTS
  2. Chapter 2: Price Forecast & Commentary
    1. Chapter Introduction
    2. Pricing Forecast – Overview
    3. Pricing Forecast – Video Distribution and DTH
    4. Pricing Forecast – Data/Trunking/Backhaul FSS/HTS
    5. Pricing Forecast – Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS/Backhaul Ku-band
    6. Pricing Forecast – Maritime/O&G FSS/HTS
    7. Pricing Forecast – Aero FSS/HTS
    8. Pricing Forecast – Gov-Mil FSS/HTS

Appendix: Methodology

List of Exhibits

Executive Summary

  • Video and DTH: Global Mean Index Price
  • Gov-Mil: Global Mean Index Price
  • Enterprise Data: Global Mean Index Price
  • Backhaul and Broadband: Global Mean Index Price
  • Martime/O&G: Global Mean Index Price
  • Mobility and Aero: Global Mean Index Price
  1. Chapter 1: Price Index, Historical Pricing & Range
    1. Video Distribution C-band Price Index and Range
    2. Video Distribution Ku-band Price Index and Range
    3. Video Distribution C-band Pricing: 2018-2023
    4. Video Distribution Ku-band Pricing: 2018-2023
    5. DTH Ku-band Price Index and Range
    6. DTH Ku-band Pricing: 2018-2023
    7. Enterprise Data C-band Price Index and Range
    8. Enterprise Data Ku-band Pricing: 2018-2023
    9. Enterprise Data Ku-band Price Index and Range
    10. Trunking C-band Price Index and Range
    11. Backhaul Ku-band Price Index and Range
    12. Backhaul/Data GEO-HTS Price Index and Range
    13. Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS Price Index and Range
    14. Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS Pricing: 2018-2023
    15. Maritime/O&G C-band Price Index and Range
    16. Maritime/O&G Ku-band Price Index and Range
    17. Maritime/O&G C-band Pricing: 2018-2023
    18. Maritime/O&G Ku-band Pricing: 2018-2023
    19. Maritime/O&G GEO-HTS Price Index and Range
    20. Maritime/O&G GEO-HTS Pricing: 2018-2023
    21. Aero Ku-band Pricing: Price Index and Range
    22. Aero GEO-HTS Pricing: Price Index and range
    23. Gov/Mil C-band Price Index and Range
    24. Gov/Mil Ku-band Price Index and Range
    25. Gov/Mil GEO-HTS Price Index and Range
  2. Chapter 2: Price Forecast & Commentary
    1. Video Distribution C-band- Price Forecast
    2. Video Distribution Ku-band- Price Forecast
    3. DTH Ku-band- Price Forecast
    4. Enterprise Data C-band- Price Forecast
    5. Enterprise Data Ku-band- Price Forecast
    6. Backhaul/Data GEO-HTS- Price Forecast
    7. Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS- Price Forecast
    8. Backhaul Ku-band- Price Forecast
    9. Maritime/O&G  C-band- Price Forecast
    10. Maritime/O&G Ku-band- Price Forecast
    11. Maritime/O&G GEO-HTS- Price Forecast
    12. Aero Ku-band – Price Forecast
    13. Aero GEO-HTS – Price Forecast
    14. Gov/Mil C-band- Price Forecast
    15. Gov/Mil Ku-band- Price Forecast
    16. Gov-Mil GEO-HTS- Price Forecast
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