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Space Tourism and Travel Markets, 3rd Edition

PUBLISHED: January 2022

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NSR’s Space Travel & Tourism Markets, 3rd Edition (STT3) report is the industry-leading assessment of these rapidly developing global markets. STT3 offers readers comprehensive 10-year forecasting for each markets’ growth, timeline and future planning in every region, vehicle, and service type, as well as pricing for Space Travel and Tourism services.

Focusing on status of the key players and their technology development, STT3 provides critical insight into the details that lead individuals to seek journeys on various vehicles to the stratosphere and into space. From suborbital to orbital and beyond-Earth orbit tourism, via planes, balloons, rockets, and crewed spacecraft, STT3 takes a deep dive into the operational, financial, and logistical drivers and challenges core to the development of this industry.



Who Should Purchase this Report

  • Potential Passengers and End-Users
  • National Space Agencies
  • Space Supply Chain & Launch Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Launch Site and Facilities Planners & Operators
  • Parabolic Flight Operators
  • Commercial Space Tourism Flight operators and Brokers
  • Banks, Financial Institutions, and Other Investors
  • Strategy Consulting Companies
  • Government Regulators & Policy Makers


Covered in this Report

  • NEW in this EditionAstronaut Training Market Assessment ​ 
  • NEW in this EditionGovernment & Military Space Travel Assessment​ 
  • NEW in this EditionGovernment /Professional Astronauts Demand included in Forecasts​ 
  • NEW in this Edition-Beyond Earth Orbit Space Travel & Tourism Assessment & Forecast
  • NEW in this EditionPoint-to-Point Travel Market Assessment ​ 
  • 10-year forecasting of Space Tourism & Travel Market
  • Evaluates Parabolic, Suborbital, Orbital and Beyond Earth Flight Market Opportunities
  • Details Space Tourism Services across Segments and sub-segments
  • Examines technology and investment progression for every key player
  • Analysis of Pricing evolution through the decade
  • Evaluates factors holding the market back besides technology development
  • Assesses Market Demand, and what contributes to its continued support


Report Segmentation

Companies Included in this Report

AFRL, Airbus, AirZero G​, Arizona State University, ASI, Aurora Aerospace​, Axiom Space, Beijing Lingkong Tianxing Technology Co., Blue Origin​, The Boeing Company, Canadian Space Agency, Cessna, CNES, CNSA, CosmoCourse, Country of Space Tourism, Credit Suisse, DARPA, DLR, Dynetics, EOS-X Space, Energia Rocket and Space Corporation, European Space Agency, Fuji Heavy Industries, Genesis Engineering, Hermeus, Incredible Adventures​, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), iSpace, JAXA, Kanematsu Corporation, Lockheed Martin, MBRSC, Nanoracks, NASA, NASTAR, National Geographic, Northrop Grumman Corp., Novespace,​ NV Space Training Academy, , Orbital Assembly Corp, Orbite Inc., PD Aerospace, Reaction Engines, Redwire Space, Rock Mountain Capital, Rocket Lab, Rockwell, Roscosmos, Sierra Space, Space Command, Saber Astronautics, Space Adventures, SpaceX, Space Perspective, Star City Tours, Turkish Space Agency, UK Space Agency, Vegitel, Virgin Galactic, Voyager Space Holdings, World View, Xcor, Zero2Infinity, and ZeroG. 

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary​

​1. Market Overview
   1.1 Market Status
     1.1.1 News & Deals – 2021
   1.2 Market Segments
     1.2.1 Suborbital
     1.2.2 Orbital
     1.2.3 Parabolic Flights
     1.2.4 Beyond Earth
   1.3 Ancillary Services
     1.3.1 Brokerage
     1.3.2 Astronaut Training
     1.3.3 VR/AR Zero ‘G’ Experience
   1.4 Space Stations
     1.4.1 Government Space Stations
     1.4.2 Commercial Space Stations
   Bottom Line – Market Overview​​

2. Market Assessment
   2.1 Suborbital Tourism & Travel
     2.1.1 Key Players Services & Supply Blue Origin Virgin Galactic iSpace PD Aerospace EOS-X Space Space Perspective Zero2Infinity
     2.1.2 Suborbital Investment Overview
   Bottom Line – Suborbital Tourism & Travel
   2.2 Orbital Tourism & Travel
     2.2.1 Key Players Services & Supply Axiom Space Blue Origin Nanoracks NGC Space Station The Boeing Company Space Adventures SpaceX
   2.2.2 Orbital Investment Overview
   Bottom Line – Orbital Tourism & Travel
   2.3 Beyond Earth Orbit Space Travel & Tourism
     2.3.1 Key Players Services & Supply
     2.3.2 Blue Origin
     2.3.3 Rocket Lab
     2.3.4 SpaceX
   2.4 Parabolic Flights
     2.4.1 Key Players Services & Supply Zero G AirZero G Aurora Aerospace Incredible Adventures NV Space Training Academy
   2.5 Point-to-Point Travel Market Assessment
   2.6 Government & Military Space Travel Assessment

3. Market Forecasts
   3.1 Global Commercial Space Travel Forecast
   3.2 Comparison of Commercial Space Travel Market Forecasts
   3.3 Suborbital Tourism & Travel
     3.3.1 Supply (Vehicles, Flights, Passengers)
     3.3.2 Pricing (Vehicle)
     3.3.3 Demand (Passengers, TAM)
     3.3.4 Market Size
   3.4 Orbital Tourism & Travel
     3.4.1 Supply (Vehicles, Flights, Passengers)
     3.4.2 Pricing
     3.4.3 Demand (Passengers, TAM)
     3.4.4 Market Size
   3.5 Beyond Earth Orbit Tourism & Travel
     3.5.1 Supply
     3.5.2 Pricing & Market Value
   3.6 Parabolic Flights
     3.6.1 Supply (Vehicles, Flights, Passengers)
     3.6.2 Pricing
     3.6.3 Market Size

Appendix – Methodology

List of Exhibits

Executive Summary

​1. Market Overview
News & Deals
Market Segments
Suborbital Travel
Beyond Earth
Astronaut Training & Parabolic Flight Service by Company
Astronaut Training, Parabolic Flight, and Education Service by Company
Examples of VR/AR Space Tourism Services​
International Space Station Visitors
Government Space Stations
Commercial Space Stations​​

2. Market Assessment
Suborbital Tourism Market – Key Service Providers
Blue Origin Suborbital Assessment
Virgin Galactic Suborbital Assessment
iSpace (China) Suborbital Assessment
EOS-X Space Suborbital Assessment
Space Perspective Suborbital Assessment
Zero2Infinity Suborbital Assessment
Cumulative Investment in Suborbital Space Tourism, 2021
Orbital Tourism Market – Key Service Providers
Axiom Space Orbital Assessment
Blue Origin Orbital Assessment
Nanoracks Orbital Assessment
NGC Space Station Assessment
The Boeing Company Orbital Assessment
Space Adventures Orbital Assessment
SpaceX Orbital Assessment
Cumulative Investment in Orbital Space Travel, 2021
Blue Origin Beyond Earth Assessment
Rocket Lab Beyond Earth Assessment
SpaceX Beyond Earth Assessment
Parabolic Travel Tourism Market – Key Service Providers
Zero G Parabolic Flight Assessment
AirZeroG Parabolic Flight Assessment
Aurora Aerospace Parabolic Flight Assessment
Incredible Adventures Parabolic Flight Assessment
NV Space Training Academy Parabolic Flight Assessment
P-T-P Development Programs Target Markets
Government & Military Space Travel Programs

3. Market Forecasts
Space Tourism Market by Vertical
Space Tourism Market – Passengers by Vertical
Comparison of Space Tourism & Travel Market Forecasts – Passengers Served
Comparison of Space Tourism & Travel Market Forecasts – Market Value
Suborbital Tourism Supply Market – Vehicles by Type
Suborbital Tourism Supply Market – Flights
Suborbital Tourism Supply Market Passengers Served by Vehicle
Suborbital Tourism Supply Market Passengers Served by Balloons
Suborbital Rocket/Plane-Based Tourism Ticket Pricing
Suborbital Balloon-Based Tourism Ticket Pricing
Suborbital Passenger Demand by Vehicle
Suborbital Market Revenues by Vehicle
Suborbital Market Revenues, 2031
Orbital Tourism Supply Market – Vehicles
Orbital Tourism Supply Market – Flights
Orbital Tourism Supply Market – Passengers Served 
Orbital Tourism Ticket Pricing
Orbital Space Tourism Market Passenger Demand
Orbital Tourism Revenues by Player Type
Orbital Tourism Revenues by Player Type, 2031
Beyond Earth Tourism Vehicle Forecast
Beyond Earth Tourist Flights Forecast
Beyond Earth Tourism Passengers Forecast
Beyond Earth Tourism Pricing Forecast 
Beyond Earth Market Value Forecast
Parabolic Flight Tourism Aircrafts Forecast
Parabolic Flight Tourism – Number of Flights
Parabolic Flight Tourism – Passengers Served
Parabolic Flights Tourism Price Forecast
Parabolic Flight Market Value

Appendix – Methodology

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