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August 6, 2018

Satellite IoT Startups Launch: Experts foresee a shakeout in space

EE TIMES – Ultimately, the vast majority of IoT connections will be on terrestrial networks. Satellites from a few entrenched suppliers and perhaps a few newcomers will serve a small niche, according to Alan Crisp, a senior analyst with Northern Sky Research who tracks the area. “I expect the market will only handle a few.

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July 26, 2018

The New Rockets Racing to Make Space Affordable

Among geostationary or geosynchronous transfer (GTO) missions, which need to achieve a specific orbit of around 36,000 kilometers and are therefore better suited for direct comparisons, average launch costs are down about 20 percent from five years ago, according to Carolyn Belle, a senior analyst at space consultancy Northern Sky Research. Here again, the Falcon.

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July 24, 2018

This ‘pseudo-satellite’ drone can fly 70000 feet up in the sky

Siddharth Shihora, an analyst at the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based space industry consulting firm Northern Sky Research, sees military customers as the main market for the Zephyr drone in the near future. Spy cameras aboard a high-flying drone can take much more detailed reconnaissance images of the ground than satellites in orbit.

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Talking Government SATCOM with NSR Analyst Brad Grady

Late last year, Northern Sky Research released the 14th edition of its Government and Military Satellite Communications report. This annual report is the longest-running on the government & military satellite communications market, providing a much-anticipated view of the drivers, regional trends, and capacity demands of the market through 2026. NSR Senior Analyst Brad Grady spoke with SatCom Frontier in.

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