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Forbes: Delayed Satellite Radar Mission Bucks The Smallsat Trend

The Canadian government will be the owner and operator for RCM (Radarsat Constellation Mission), and proudly highlighted it in a recent space strategy released for the Canadian Space Agency. But the business implications for MDA as well are important, said Dallas Kasaboski, a senior analyst at Northern Sky Research.

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March 13, 2019

BusinessWire: Sequans Collaborating with Lockheed Martin on World-First LTE over Satellite Solution

NSR Senior Analyst, Alan Crisp’s  M2M9 quoted in BusinessWire’s article ‘Sequans Collaborating with Lockheed Martin on World-First LTE over Satellite Solution’ – “According to industry analysts, satellite is a critical component of communications networks, including IoT and M2M networks, as the industry evolves to 4G, 5G and beyond. Northern Sky Research predicts that by 2023.

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March 12, 2019

A New Space Strategy for Canada

NSR Senior Analyst, Dallas Kasaboski’s EO10 quoted in CSA’s ‘EXPLORATION IMAGINATION INNOVATION: A New Space Strategy for Canada’ – “As an illustration, the demand for EO data, science and imagery by Canadian firms and researchers within the space sector and beyond is increasing; a study by Northern Sky Research concluded that between 2017 and 2027,.

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March 11, 2019

Via Satellite: Turning Space Data Into Smart Insights

Recent advances in robotics, ML, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are pushing the frontier of what machines are capable of doing to unlock the secrets of space data. The ability to leverage intelligence and data analytics is already having a large impact. According to NSR, big data analytics via satellite will generate close to $18.1 billion in.

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