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SatNews: NSR … Tip of the Iceberg for Maritime SATCOM?

SpeedCast and GEE both had problems before COVID-19 hit, and their bankruptcy filings should really come as no surprise. As the mobility satcom market experiences an unprecedented disruption, these already stressed businesses made hard choices around their future – internal fractions in the iceberg of Maritime SATCOM Connectivity.

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July 24, 2020

ViaSatellite: Backhaul Vertical is Key to Satellite’s Future Success

In “Backhaul Vertical is Key to Satellite’s Future Success”- It’s often said that bad news comes in threes: unfettered price drops, COVID-19, and bankruptcies certainly qualify as events that have shaken the satellite industry to its core. Big, medium, and small players alike have had to find ways to stay afloat in the short term,.

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