Satellite & Space Applications

High Altitude Platforms, 3rd Edition

PUBLISHED: September 2019

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NSR’s High Altitude Platforms, 3rd Edition (HAPs3) report provides comprehensive analysis and forecasts for the global HAPs market, including ongoing projects, platforms, applications and growth prospects across all regions and platform types. The report is built on research into the many plans and proposals laid out by both space-based and non-space actors looking to enter the telecommunications, remote sensing and launch HAPs markets such as airships, stratospheric balloons, and pseudo-satellites.

The unique value proposition of HAPs is discussed, as compared to satellites and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Key factors enabling recent interest in HAPs is covered in this report, leveraging NSR’s extensive experience in evaluating the HAPs, satellite and UAS markets, whether for communications, remote sensing or other applications.

NSR’s HAPs3 report forecasts HAPs in-service/manufactured unit growth and revenue opportunities across three platform types and five world regions. This report also provides a discussion into the major applications suitable for HAPs, and insight into the state of these markets, in addition to a cursory look at investments and recent industry updates involving major HAPs players.  This report also leverages NSR’s leading research into the Satcom and Earth Observation markets.

Key Questions Answered in this Report:

The Bottom Line: How does NSR see the market for High Altitude Platforms evolving over the next ten years?


NSR’s High Altitude Platforms, 3rd Edition report presents a detailed study of this emerging sector, to help readers assess the various market components and includes the following elements:

NSR’s High Altitude Platforms, 3rd Edition forecasts the revenue opportunity, dividing the market into 3 platform types, across multiple world regions.

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Companies and Organizations Mentioned in HAPs3

JP Aerospace, Tao Group, Thales Alenia Space, Avealto, TIFR, JAXA, Loon, Alphabet, Facebook, Hispasat, LEO Aerospace, Airbus, AeroVironment, Softbank, Ordnance Survey, Raven Industries, U.S. DoD, HAPsMobile, NASA, ESA, CNES, Zero2Infinity, WorldView Enterprises, Aurora Flight Sciences, Stofiel Aerospace, B2Space, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, Telkom Kenya, Space Data, Airstar Aerospace, CNIM Group, Telesat, Telefonica, AT&T, T-Mobile, AVIC, CASIC, AlphaLink Space,  and KuangChi Science.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

  1. State of the Market
    1. HAPs Market Overview
      1. State of the Market: Airships
      2. State of the Market: Balloons
      3. State of the Market: Pseudo-Satellites
    2. Market Growth Comparison
    3. Cost Comparison
    4. Market Drivers & Restraints
  2. Market Landscape – Main Actors: Platforms
    1. Main Actors: Sectors
      1. Military Sector
      2. Civil Government Sector
      3. Commercial Sector
  3. Market Applications
    1. Communications & Remote Sensing/ISR
    2. Scientific Research, Technology Testing & Navigation
    3. Other Applications
  4. Market Forecasts: Global Market Forecast: Units; Global Market Forecast: Revenues; NSR Forecast Comparison
    1. Market Forecasts: Platforms
      1. Airships Market Forecast
      2. Balloons Market Forecast
      3. Pseudo-Satellites Market Forecast
    2. Market Forecasts: Regions
      1. Regional Forecast: North America
      2. Regional Forecast: Latin America
      3. Regional Forecast: Europe
      4. Regional Forecast: Middle East & Africa
      5. Regional Forecast: Asia

Appendix: Report Methodology

List of Exhibits

  1. State of the Market
    1. Current Status of HAP Programs
    2. Current Status of HAP Programs, by Region
    3. Current Status of HAP Programs, by Status
    4. Current Status of Airship Programs
    5. Current Status of Balloon Programs
    6. Current Status of Pseudo-Satellite Programs
  2. Market Landscape
    1. HAPs Launch Service Providers, 2016 – 2018
  3. Market Applications
    1. HAPs Targeting Communications Applications
    2. HAPs Targeting Remote Sensing/ISR Applications
    3. HAPs Targeting Technology Testing Applications
    4. HAPs Targeting Scientific Research Applications
    5. HAPs Targeting Other Emerging Applications
  4. Market Forecasts
    1. Global In-Service Units, by Region
    2. Global In-Service Units, by Scenario
    3. Global In-Service Units, by Platform
    4. Global HAPs Revenues
    5. Global HAPs Revenues, by Region
    6. Global HAPs Revenues, by Platform
    7. Global HAPs In-Service Units Forecast Comparison
    8. Global HAPs Total Revenues Forecast Comparison
    9. Global HAPs Manufacturing Revenues Forecast Comparison
    10. Global HAPs Service Revenues Forecast Comparison
    11. Airships In-Service Units, by Scenario
    12. Airships In-Service Units, by Region
    13. Airships Total Revenues
    14. Airships Manufacturing Revenues, by Region
    15. Airships Service Revenues, by Region
    16. Balloons In-Service Units, by Scenario
    17. Balloons In-Service Units, by Region
    18. Balloons Manufactured Units, by Scenario
    19. Balloons Manufactured Units, by Region
    20. Balloons Total Revenues
    21. Balloons Manufacturing Revenues, by Region
    22. Balloons Service Revenues, by Region
    23. Pseudo-Satellites In-Service Units, by Scenario
    24. Pseudo-Satellites In-Service Units, by Region
    25. Pseudo-Satellites Total Revenues
    26. Pseudo-Satellites Manufacturing Revenues, by Region
    27. Pseudo-Satellites Service Revenues, by Region
    28. NAM In-Service Units, by Platform
    29. NAM HAPs Total Revenues
    30. LAM In-Service Units, by Platform
    31. LAM HAPs Total Revenues
    32. EU In-Service Units, by Platform
    33. EU HAPs Total Revenues
    34. MEA In-Service Units, by Platform
    35. MEA HAPs Total Revenues
    36. ASIA In-Service Units, by Platform
    37. ASIA HAPs Total Revenues


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