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In-Orbit Servicing Markets (IoSM)

PUBLISHED: January 2018

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With the first commercial servicing spacecraft slated to launch in 2018, NSR’s industry-first In-Orbit Servicing Markets (IoSM) study dives into the market dynamics and challenges shaping this nascent industry and its future potential. IoSM evaluates the value proposition of core IoS applications for different customer types, providing a global market revenue and addressable market demand forecast for each application in the 2017-2027 period. Two case studies on commercial GEO satellite life extension provide insight into the operator perspective in service-or-replace trade-offs, assessing when and why IoS is a compelling option.

An in-depth strategic market analysis and competitive assessment of the main industry players complement demand and revenue forecasts to provide a comprehensive view of this emerging market. NSR’s IoSM is a must-have report for emerging in-orbit service providers estimating their market potential, satellite manufacturers gauging the impact of this new capability, and satellite operators seeking to understand novel options in fleet management.

Bottom Line: How does NSR see the In-orbit Servicing market developing and evolving in the next 10 years for each type of service and type of operator?


Data Segmentation

NSR’s In-Orbit Servicing Markets provides a comprehensive assessment of the emerging in-orbit servicing market through an analysis of four applications, each further segmented into two customer types.

Companies mentioned in the report include Orbital ATK/Northrop Grumman, Effective Space Solutions, Airbus Defence & Space, SSL, MDA, NASA, DARPA, D-Orbit, Satellite Squared, Astroscale, Atomos Nuclear and Space

Executive Summary

Report Scope and Definitions

1. Market Context and Assessment
1.1 State of the Market
1.2 Technology and Regulation
1.3 Case Study

2. Market Forecasts
2.1 Global Market Forecast
2.2 Addressable Market Forecast
2.3 Revenue Forecast
2.4 In-Orbit Servicing ROI for Commercial Operators

Appendix: Methodology

List of Exhibits

Executive Summary
–  IoS Revenue Growth by Service
–  Demand by Type of Customer
–  Revenue by Type of Customer

Market Context and Assessment
–  EBITDA Margin Comparison, 2018 – 2026
–  EBITDA Margin and ROCE Comparison, IPSTAR, 2018 – 2026
–  Cash and Equity Comparison (IPSTAR) 2018 – 2016

Global Market Forecast
–  Global IoS Market Forecast
–  Addressable Market by Type of Service, 2017 – 2027
–  IoS Revenue by Type of Service, 2017 – 2027
–  IoS Addressable Market by Type of Customer, 2017 – 2027
–  IoS Revenue by Type of Customer, 2017 – 2027

Demand Forecast
–  Satellite to Reach End of Life
–  IoS Addressable Market – Life Extension
–  IoS Addressable Market – Robotics
–  IoS Addressable Market Robotics, 2017 – 2027
–  IoS Addressable Market – DeOrbiting
–  IoS Addressable Market – Salvage
–  Global Satellite Launch Forecast

Revenue Forecast
–  IoS Revenue – Life Extension
–  IoS Revenue – DeOrbiting
–  IoS Revenue – Robotics
–  IoS Revenue – Salvage

In – Orbit Servicing ROI for Commercial Operators
–  In-Orbit Servicing Cost to Extension Revenue Ratio for Commercial GEO Operators
–  ROI For Commercial GEO Life Extension Services

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