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Satellite Capacity Pricing Index (Q1 2018), 4th Edition

PUBLISHED: March 2018

Available Licenses: Standard: $4,495 Enterprise: $8,495

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NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 4th Edition (Q1, 2018) examines and quantifies the key question facing the satellite industry: How much does satellite capacity cost, both now and in the future?  With proprietary modeling and source information from satellite operators, service providers and end users, NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 4th Edition (Q1, 2018) offers the industry’s most detailed analysis of capacity pricing, evolution of price in various verticals, and the future state of the market.

The satellite industry is in the midst of a general decline in capacity pricing, as supply increases, competition intensifies, and demand lags in certain markets.   This state of play presents key areas of concern for operators around quantifying the market index lease price and what range of pricing can be expected both now and in the future.  However, it also presents opportunities for buyers as lower priced capacity opens new business models and applications.  NSR’s Satellite Capacity Price Index, 4th Edition (SCPI4) analyzes both the buyer and seller angles and provides a detailed pricing assessment critical to all within the satcom leasing market.

Bottom Line: What is the historical, current and future state of capacity pricing, and how is it expected to change with more supply coming in to orbit?

NSR’s SCPI4 combines base price and factor-based inputs from regional operators, Big Four operators, service providers, and end users to provide an even, balanced and well-rounded view of pricing within the industry. Expanding on NSR’s Q3, 2017 edition of this study, this most recent edition provides the historical price index and a global mean price index along with the current spot prices/range and introduces a new methodology for the price forecast.

SCPI4 includes pricing matrices on traditional FSS C-band, FSS Ku-band, and GEO-HTS and standalone Ka-band HTS capacity for Q1 2018, segmented regionally across 10 regions, and by applications across Video Distribution, DTH, Enterprise, Trunking/Backhaul, Broadband, Mobility and Government-Military segment. Beyond this, NSR quantifies a range of pricing with appropriate standard deviation backed by anchor criteria, thus providing bound estimates for various combinations of factors such as contract duration, amount of capacity (small/large customer), fill rates, and customer retention discounts. In addition to pricing ranges, NSR also includes significant qualitative analysis on both existing prices and the market expectations one year into the future.

NSR’s SCPI4 features the continuation of  the NSR pricing tool built in 3rd edition and introduction of a pricing forecast model to analyze not only the price influencing factors, but also extract the econometric changes in the industry to appropriately model the decline of prices in this period. The 18 factors used across four verticals help untangle key insights around discounting and premium pricing ranges, and the % change from last year reproduces the dynamics that industry has witnessed. Due to this

elaborate dissection of discount pricing, several operator strategies and global mean pricing index can be interpreted well. The study uses inputs from NSR reports including, but not limited to Global Satellite Supply and Demand, Satellite Operator Financial Analysis, VSAT and Broadband Satellite Markets, and Government & Military Satellite Communications.



Executive Summary
Global Mean Price Index
Operator Strategies
Contents of the Report

Chapter 1: Introduction and Pricing Index
1.1 Chapter Introduction
1.2 Factors Influencing Price
1.3 Price Factors 1 (Video and Data)
1.4 Price Factors 2 (Mobility and Gov/Mil)
1.5 Introduction to NSR Pricing Model
1.6 Capturing Pricing Dynamics
1.7 Value Chain – – DTH and Video Distribution
1.8 Value Chain – Data, Backhaul and Consumer Broadband
1.9 Value Chain – Mobility (Maritime & Aero)
1.10 Pricing Index and Range (with Historicals) –
covering Video C/Ku, DTH Ku, Enterprise C/Ku, Trunking C, Backhaul Ku, Backhaul HTS, Broadband HTS, Mobility C/Ku and HTS, Gov-Mil C/Ku and HTS

Chapter 2: Pricing Forecast
2.1 Chapter Introduction
2.2 Pricing Forecast – Overview
2.3 Pricing Forecast – Video Distribution and DTH
2.4 Pricing Forecast – Data/Trunking/Backhaul FSS/HTS
2.5 Pricing Forecast – Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS
2.6 Pricing Forecast – Mobility FSS/HTS
2.7 Pricing Forecast – Gov-Mil FSS/HTS
2.8 Pricing Commentary
2.9 Bottom Line – Market Dynamics and Pricing Forecast

Appendix: Methodology

List of Exhibits

Executive Summary
– Video and DTH: Global Mean Index Price
– Mobility: Global Mean Index Price
– Enterprise Data: Global Mean Index Price
– Backhaul and Broadband: Global Mean Index Price

Chapter 1: Introduction and Pricing Index-Q1 2018
– Video Distribution C-band Price Index and Range
– Video Distribution Ku-band Price Index and Range
– Video Distribution C-band Pricing: 2016-2018
– Video Distribution Ku-band Pricing: 2016-2018
– DTH Ku-band Price Index and Range
– DTH Ku-band Hotspot Pricing: 2016-2018
– DTH Ku-band Pricing: 2016-2018
– Enterprise Data C-band Price Index and Range
– Enterprise Data Ku-band Price Index and Range
– Enterprise Data C-band Pricing: 2016-2018
– Enterprise Data Ku-band Pricing: 2016-2018
– Trunking C-band Price Index and Range
– Backhaul Ku-band Price Index and Range
– Backhaul/Data GEO-HTS Price Index and Range
– Backhaul/Data GEO-HTS Pricing: 2016-2018
– Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS Price Index and Range
– Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS Pricing: 2016-2018
– Mobility C-band Price Index and Range
– Mobility Ku-band Price Index and Range
– Mobility C-band Pricing: 2016-2018
– Mobility Ku-band Pricing: 2016-2018
– Mobility GEO-HTS Price Index and Range
– Mobility GEO-HTS Pricing: 2016-2018
– Gov/Mil C-band Price Index and Range
– Gov/Mil Ku-band Price Index and Range
– Gov/Mil GEO-HTS Price Index and Range

Chapter 2: Pricing Forecast
– Video Distribution C-band- Price Forecast
– Video Distribution Ku-band- Price Forecast
– DTH Ku-band- Price Forecast
– Enterprise Data C-band- Price Forecast
– Enterprise Data Ku-band- Price Forecast
– Trunking C-band- Price Forecast
– Backhaul Ku-band- Price Forecast
– Backhaul/Data GEO-HTS- Price Forecast
– Consumer Broadband GEO-HTS- Price Forecast
– Mobility C-band- Price Forecast
– Mobility Ku-band- Price Forecast
– Mobility GEO-HTS- Price Forecast
– Gov/Mil C-band- Price Forecast
– Gov/Mil Ku-band- Price Forecast
– Gov-Mil GEO-HTS- Price Forecast

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