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Small Satellite Markets, 5th Edition

PUBLISHED: December 2018

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NSR’s Small Satellite Markets, 5th Edition (SSM5) report leverages its 10+ years of experience in tracking satellites markets and its proprietary database of small satellites, their applications and their launch providers to offer the most extensive view of the market. This report provides a detailed analysis of the current status and future trends within this sector, including a 10-year forecast for small satellites within the 1-500 kg mass range. SSM5 is an essential tool for all stakeholders in this market – new and established – who are looking to invest in or better understand the dynamic trends surrounding smallsats.

The advent of small satellites and the enabling satellite miniaturization technologies have opened abundant opportunities in the space industry. From technology development and in-orbit demonstration missions to mega satellite constellations, it has brought a palpable change in the space ecosystem. In the past decade, a vast number of new players have entered this space with diverse business models targeting a multitude of applications. Yet the question remains: has the growth in the small satellite market increased beyond sustainable business cases?

NSR’s Small Satellite Markets, 5th Edition provides a comprehensive assessment of the market through an analysis of six applications, each further segmented into five regions and four operator types across four mass categories.


Companies and Organizations mentioned in SSM5: Planet Labs Inc., ISRO, Spire, Chang Guang Satellite Technology, GeoOptics, Kyushu Institute of Technology, NASA, Swarm Technology, Alba Orbital, AST & Science, Picosat Systems, GAUSS Srl, STADOKO UG, Roccor, Astranis, Bradford Engineering, Effective Space Solutions, Inmarsat Plc, Addvalue, ISS Reshetnev, Sierra Nevada, Innovative Solutions In Space, SpaceQuest, NPP VNIIEM, Pumpkin Space Systems, Northrop Grumman, LuxSpace, QinetiQ, Southwest Research Institute, Clyde Space, CAST, SSL, Airbus DS, SSTL, California Polytechnic University, GomSpace, Astro Digital, Axelspace Corporation, JAXA, Made In Space, Dauria, Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd., Phase Four, ThrustMe, Oxford Space Systems, SpaceX, OneWeb, Open Cosmos, Relativity Space, FOMS Inc, China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC), Arianespace, Expace, ULA, ISC Kosmotras, Stratolaunch Systems, Vector Launch Inc., Rocket Lab, Virgin Orbit, Maryland Aerospace Inc, BlackSky Global, Kepler Communications, Analytical Space, ViaSat, Audacy, Bridgesat, KSAT, RBC Signals, Infostellar, Cingulan Space, Atlas Space Operations Inc., Leaf Space, Spaceflight Industries, Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), NanoAvionics, Satellogic, DigitalGlobe, Zhuhai Orbita Control Engineering, Capella Space, Iceye, Asian Microsatellite Consortium, Hera Systems, TAQNIA Space Company, DARPA, Earth-i, Bluefield., SpacePharma, Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd., Blue Skies Space, HawkEye 360, Aerial & Maritime Co Ltd, Roscosmos, HEAD Aerospace, SRT Marine Systems, AISTech, Sunna Wedra, Fleet Space Technologies, Myriota, Lacuna Space, CLS Kineis, Russian MOD, Astrocast, Hiber, Helios Wire, Sky and Space Global, OQ Technology, Transcelestial Technologies, Tyvak, and Loft Orbital .

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Scope, Segmentation, & Definitions

  1. Market Overview
    1. Market Characterization
      1. 2017 Market Performance
      2. Pico Satellite Trends
      3. Smallsats Beyond LEO
    2. Manufacturing and Launch Assessment
      1. Manufacturing Competitive Landscape
      2. Supply Chain Constraints
      3. Smallsat Production Assessment
      4. Manufacturing Trends
      5. Launch Competitive Landscape & Market Value Evolution
      6. Launch Procurement Analysis
    3. Smallsat Constellation Market Assessment
      1. Small Satellites Constellations Assessment
    4. Downlink & Communications Assessment
      1. Main Players
      2. Competitive Landscape
    5. Industry Assessment and Trends
      1. Business Model Assessment
      2. Investment Trends
  2. Market Forecasts
    1. Global Forecasts
      1. Global Forecast Overview
      2. Global Forecast by Application
      3. Global Forecast by Mass Category
      4. Global Forecast by Operator Type
      5. Constellation and Non-Constellation Forecasts
      6. Base Forecast Scenarios
    2. Technology Development Forecasts
      1. Technology Development Market Trends
      2. Mass Category Trends
      3. Regional Trends
      4. Operator Type Trends
      5. Technology Development Bottom Line
    3. Earth Observation Forecasts
      1. Earth Observation Market Trends
      2. Mass Category Trends
      3. Regional Trends
      4. Operator Type Trends
      5. Earth Observation Bottom Line
    4. Science Forecasts
      1. Science Market Trends
      2. Mass Category Trends
      3. Regional Trends
      4. Operator Type Trends
      5. Science Bottom Line
    5. Situational Awareness Forecasts
      1. Situational Awareness Market Trends
      2. Mass Category Trends
      3. Regional Trends
      4. Operator Type Trends
      5. Situational Awareness Bottom Line
    6. Communication Forecasts
      1. Communications Market Trends
      2. Mass Category Trends
      3. Regional Trends
      4. Operator Type Trends
      5. Communications Bottom Line
    7. Others Forecasts
      1. Others Market Trends
      2. Mass Category Trends
      3. Regional Trends
      4. Operator Type Trends
      5. Others Bottom Line

Appendix: Methodology


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