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Smallsat Launch Vehicle Markets, 2nd Edition

PUBLISHED: June 2019

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NSR’s Smallsat Launch Vehicle Markets, 2nd Edition (SLVM2) is the industry’s leading resource for evaluating the emerging smallsat launch market worldwide.  The report continues NSR’s long standing practice in superior and unique market research on satellite launchers and builds on NSR’s extensive experience in evaluating satellite production and launch capabilities worldwide.

This critical report includes extensive analysis of current smallsat launch initiatives, the main actors, customer segments, technologies, competitive environment, funding, technology readiness and capabilities assessment of new emerging launchers servicing the commercial smallsat market.

The report includes an in-depth analysis of launcher capabilities and success factors to help readers evaluate maturity of the numerous players in the market today. NSR also examines geographic and logistical considerations, considering active and proposed launch sites applicable to dedicated smallsat launchers, as well as regulatory and geopolitical risks and their impact on the development timeline of these emerging initiatives.

Drawing on the findings of NSR’s Small Satellite Markets report on the quantity of smallsats to be launched in the next 10-year period, this report forecasts the size of the market opportunity for dedicated smallsat launchers. This study also provides a look at current and future trends for price per kg to LEO, launches and associated base revenues for smallsat launchers for the 2018-2028 period.

This complete analytical tool from NSR helps readers track the development and advances of the evolving market dynamics for smallsat dedicated launches and answer fundamental questions such as:

Bottom Line: How does NSR see the market for Dedicated Smallsat Launchers evolve over the next ten years?

Unparalleled Smallsat Launch Vehicle Market Analysis

NSR’s Smallsat Launch Vehicle Market, 2nd Edition provides the most comprehensive assessment of the emerging commercial smallsat launch market by region. Through an in-depth analysis of key parameters, this report helps readers assess the various market components involved and includes the following elements:

Regions Covered

Report Data

NSR Smallsat Launch Vehicle Markets, 2nd Edition
Report Segmentation

Analysis and Assessment Includes: 

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Companies and Organizations Mentioned in this Report:

Planet, Spire Global, OneWeb, SpaceX, Orbex, Firefly, Vector launch, Arianespace, Avio, ISRO, NSIL, Northrop Grumman, IHI, JAXA, Rocket Lab, Virgin Orbit, VOXSpace, Spinlaunch, Relativity Space, PLD Space, OneSpace, Interstellar Technologies, CASC, CASIC, Expace, Rocket Crafters, Gilmour Space Technologies, Bellatrix Aerospace, DARPA, ABL Space Systems, Astra (Stealth Rocket Company), SeaLaunch, S7 group, Stratolaunch, Skyrora, Linkspace, Space One, OneSpace, i-Space, SpaceFlight Industries, Sky and Space Global, SSTL, York Space systems, Astro Digital, Hiber Global, IceYe, Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Antrix, Noosphere Ventures, VALT Enterprises, Greenspring Associates, Khosla Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, DCVC, and Promus Ventures.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  1. Market Overview
    1. State of the Market
      1. Overview
      2. Recent Events and Developments
      3. Who Is Launching Now?
    2. Market Drivers
      1. Smallsat Customer Demand
      2. Launch Bottleneck
      3. Small Launcher Hype Bubble
      4. Government Support & Funding
      5. Private Funding
      6. Success Factors and Challenges
    3. Competitive Landscape – Main Actors
      1. Northrop Grumman
      2. Rocket Lab
      3. JAXA/IHI
      4. Expace/CASIC & CASC
    4. Near-Term Emerging Launchers
      1. ISRO/NSIL
      2. Virgin Orbit
      3. Firefly Aerospace
      4. Vector Launch
      5. Expace/CASIC & CASC
    5. Long-Term Emerging Launchers
    6. Capability and Price Comparison
      1. Comparative Assessment – Emerging Launchers
      2. Comparative Assessment – Traditional LSPs
    7. Bottom Line – Competitive Landscape
  2. Geographic Considerations & Constraints
    1. Global Look at Emerging Vehicles by Region
    2. Geographic Constraints and Risk Posture
      1. Regional Markets – Policy Development
    3. Global Launch Sites
      1. Active and Developing Commercial Launch Sites
    4. Policy & Regulatory Constraints
    5. Bottom Line – Geographic Considerations
  3. New Operational Dynamics
    1. Industry Trends Overview
    2. Rapid Turnaround/On-Demand Launch Capability
    3. Mobility & Reusability
    4. Bottom Line – New Operational Dynamics
  4. Launch, Revenue & Pricing Assessments
    1. Assumptions
    2. Smallsat Global Addressable Markets
    3. Global Smallsat Dedicated Launches Forecast
      1. Smallsat Dedicated Launches by Region
    4. Global Smallsat Dedicated Launch Revenues Forecast
      1. Smallsat Dedicated Launch Revenues by Region
    5. Global Smallsat Dedicated Launch Price per Kg. Forecast
      1. Smallsat Dedicated Launch Price per Kg. by Region
    6. Bottom Line – Launch & Pricing Forecast
  5. Appendix (Methodology)

List of Exhibits

Executive Summary

  • Smallsat Dedicated Launches by Region, 2028
  • Key Findings – Global Launch Activity
  • Key Findings – Price per Kg.
  • Key Findings – Launch Revenues
  1. Market Overview
    1. Dedicated Smallsat Launchers Attempts vs. Successful Launches
    2. Dedicated Smallsat Launchers Market Share by Launch, 2018
    3. Smallsats to Launch by Mass
    4. Emerging Space Investments by Investor Type
    5. Success Factors and Challenges for DSLV Initiatives
    6. Active Dedicated Smallsat Launchers
    7. Near-Term Dedicated Smallsat Launchers
      1. Long-Term Dedicated Smallsat Launchers – NAM
      2. Long-Term Dedicated Smallsat Launchers – EU
      3. Long-Term Dedicated Smallsat Launchers – Asia
    8. Dedicated Smallsat Launchers Capability and Price Comparison
  2. Geographic Considerations & Constraints
    1. Global Active and Emerging SDLVs and Funding by Region
    2. Regional/National Policy Dynamics Supporting Small Launch Development
    3. Active and Developing Commercial Launch Sites
  3. Launch, Revenue and Pricing Assessments
    1. Smallsats to Launch on DSLVs by Region
      1. Smallsat Launchers Penetration Rates by Mass Range
    2. Global Dedicated Launches Forecast
      1. Regional Smallsat Dedicated Launches Forecast
        1. NAM Smallsat Dedicated Launches
        2. EU Smallsat Dedicated Launches
        3. Asia Smallsat Dedicated Launches
      2. Global Smallsat Dedicated Launch Revenues Forecast
        1. Regional Smallsat Dedicated Launch Revenues Forecast
          1. NAM Smallsat Dedicated Launch Revenues
          2. EU Smallsat Dedicated Launch Revenues
          3. Asia Smallsat Dedicated Launch Revenues


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