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VSAT & Broadband Satellite Markets, 19th Edition

PUBLISHED: December 2020

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NSR’s VSAT and Broadband Satellite Markets, 19th Edition (VBSM19) is the longest-running and industry leading market analysis of the fixed broadband satellite sector, featuring greater industry resolution by applications, regions, and types of capacity.

The study is analyzed and segmented by considering applications with or without SLAs into two key segments:

  • Fixed Enterprise VSAT
  • Consumer Broadband

The study covers the global installed base of sites and subscribers broken down by 5 regions, forecasts capacity demand, assesses capacity and service revenues as well as CPE shipments and revenues for 2019-2029.  The Fixed Enterprise VSAT market is further segmented into Retail/Hospitality, Banking, Social Inclusion, Energy, Mil/Gov, Backhaul & Trunking and “Others” segments, while the Consumer Broadband Market is split into Direct-to-Premises and Hotspot segments.

The study details and covers strategic insights, identifying key growth areas and challenges that can be used as a data-driven decision making tool. The variables that the report analyzes and forecasts across the above segments/subsegments are in-service units, capacity demand, capacity revenue, service revenue, market share, unit shipments, and CPE revenues.

Key Questions Answered in this Report:
  • What are the key factors driving or stalling the different segments’ growth in the Fixed VSAT and Broadband market?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted various use-cases and stakeholders during 2020?
  • How will the incoming HTS capacity influx from both GEO and non-GEO impact growth parameters and service penetration?
  • What will be the level of competitiveness between GEO and non-GEO services across applications and regions?
  • Who were the key players in each industry segment and their key successes during 2019/2020?
  • How will the market revenue trajectory evolve for capacity leasing, service offerings and equipment supply by region and vertical during 2019-2029?
  • Will dropping capacity prices unlock market potential across key segments such as Consumer Broadband?
  • How will the new business models like Wi-Fi Hotspots impact service penetration across different regions?
Bottom Line: How has COVID-19 impacted different segments of the Fixed VSAT and Consumer Broadband markets, and what should be the key focus areas for Stakeholders to capture sustained revenue growth from capacity leases, service and equipment sales in each region and market vertical?

NSR’s VSAT and Broadband Satellite Markets, 19th Edition study is based on long-lasting bottom-up methodology and NSR experience in generating forecasts for broadband satellite markets covering more than 19 years. Further, the study is complementary to NSR’s Wireless Backhaul via SatelliteEnergy Markets via SatelliteGovernment and Military Satellite Communications studies where more detailed analysis of each vertical is provided.

The VSAT and Broadband Satellite Markets, 19th Edition (VBSM19) Study is segmented as follows:

The forecast period for all market segments covers ten years, and in this VBSM19 study, the market assessment is done from 2019 to 2029. NSR rigorously tracks public announcements, annual reports, quarterly financial reporting of all the major players across the value chain and has also carried extensive and focused interviews to build base year data (2019), identified COVID-19 impact/trends and infused all the intelligence to formulate forecast data. Additionally, NSR is actively present in major conferences and events in order to assess, discuss and analyze new and emerging market trends with key players in the satellite, terrestrial and cross-pollinating industries.

The report outlines the Enterprise VSAT markets structured in 7 key applications: Retail/Hospitality, Banking, Social Inclusion, Energy, Mil/Gov, Backhaul & Trunking. Similarly, the Consumer Broadband markets is segmented into Direct-to-premises and Hotspots. Forecasts are broken down in 5 regions: NAM, LAM, EU, MEA and Asia.

Who Should Purchase this Report?
  • Satellite Operators
  • Service Providers
  • Equipment Vendors
  • Innovation and Research Agencies
  • Investment Community
  • Enterprises Looking for Remote and Reliable Connectivity
  • Anyone or any Organization Seeking a Detailed, Actionable Assessment of the Satellite Industry with a Focus on Fixed VSAT and Consumer Broadband Markets

Companies and Organizations Mentioned in NSR’s VBSM19

Advantech Wireless (Spacebridge), AfricaOnline, Afrique Telecom, Andesat, Apexsat, Arabsat, Atlantique Future Technology, Australian Government, Avanti, Bambu Wireless, Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company, Brazilian Military, Bulgarian Telecommunications Company, Botswana Telecommunication Corporation, Broadband Systems Corporation, Bank BRI, BPCL, Bentley Walker, Burkina Faso, Comtech, Clarus, Centurylink, China Satcom, Connect America, Canadian Government, Dalkom Somalia, DataCo, Eutelsat, Eurona, FCC, Forsway, Gilat, General Services Administration, GlobalSat, Gazprom Space Systems, Global Invacom, GPE, Global Technologies, Globecomm, Hughes, Hispasat, Hispamar, HPCL, iDirect/Newtec/ST Engineering, Intelisys, Intelsat, Internet Solutions, IPSTAR, IOCL, JSAT, Kacific, Logical Wireless, LCS Group, MainOne, mu Space, Masmovil Group, MLNA, mgi Global Services Limited, Measat, NigComSat, NuRAN Wireless, NBN Co., Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services, Orbith, OneWeb, Paratus, PSN, Q-Kon, Quika, Rignet, RSCC, Servicio Satelital, Speedcast, Spacecom, SES, Sasol Oil & Gas, SpaceX, Sonali Bank, SatCoNet, Telesat, Telecom Consulting Group, TBI, Thaicom, Telebras, TV Isla, Talia, Tanaza, TierOne, UHP, Universal Satcom, ViaSat, Visiontec, Xplorenet and Yahsat.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Review


Executive Summary

  1. Global Overview
    1. Global Analysis
    2. Major Factors Impacting the Fixed VSAT Market
    3. COVID-19 Impacts
    4. Bottom Line
  2. Fixed Enterprise VSAT
    1. Scope and Definitions
    2. Executive Summary
    3. Active Sites and Revenues by Region, 2019-2029
    4. Major Market Trends and Global Figures
      1. General Overview
      2. Capacity Demand
      3. Capacity Pricing and Revenues
      4. Service Revenues
      5. CPE Trends
      6. CPE Market Share
      7. Bottom Line
    5. Regional Breakdown
      1. North America
      2. Latin America
      3. Europe
      4. Middle East and Africa
      5. Asia
    6. Comparison with Previous Edition
  3. Consumer Broadband
    1. Scope and Definitions
    2. Executive Summary
    3. Major Market Trends and Global Figures
      1. Subscribers
      2. Capacity Demand
      3. Capacity Revenues
      4. Service Revenues
      5. Service Providers Market Share
      6. CPE Revenues
      7. Modems Market Share
      8. Addressable Market
      9. Bottom Line
    4. Regional Breakdown
      1. North America
      2. Latin America
      3. Europe
      4. Middle East and Africa
      5. Asia
    5. Comparison with Previous Edition

Annex – Methodology

List of Exhibits

Executive Summary

  • ES-1. VSAT Installed Base
  • ES-2. Contribution to Net Service Revenue Growth by Application ($M)
  • ES-3. Service Revenues by Region
  • ES-4. Global Capacity Demand
  • ES-5. Cumulative Capacity Revenues by Application ($M)
  • ES-6. Capacity Revenues by Region
  • ES-7. Shipments
  • ES-8. Cumulative CPE Revenues by Region (USD M)
  • ES-9. CPE Revenues by Application
  1. Global Overview
    1. Enterprise VSAT Active Sites by Application
    2. Consumer Broadband Subscribers by Region
    3. Global Capacity Demand
    4. Global Capacity Revenues by Application
    5. Global Service Revenues by Region
    6. Global Service Revenues by Application
    7. Global CPE Revenues by Region
    8. Global CPE Revenues by Application
  2. Fixed Enterprise VSAT
    1. Global Active Sites by Frequency
    2. Global Active Sites by Application
    3. Global Capacity Demand
    4. Global Capacity Revenues
    5. Global Service Revenues
    6. Global CPE Shipments
    7. Global CPE Revenues
    8. Global Fixed Enterprise VSAT Shipments Market Share (2019)
    9. Global Fixed Enterprise VSAT Revenue Market Share (2019)
    10. Global Comparison with Previous Edition
    11. NAM Active Sites by Frequency
    12. NAM Active Sites by Application
    13. NAM Capacity Demand
    14. NAM Capacity Revenues
    15. NAM Service Revenues
    16. NAM CPE Revenues
    17. LAM Active Sites by Frequency
    18. LAM Active Sites by Application
    19. LAM Capacity Demand
    20. LAM Capacity Revenues
    21. LAM Service Revenues
    22. LAM CPE Revenues
    23. EU Active Sites by Frequency
    24. EU Active Sites by Application
    25. EU Capacity Demand
    26. EU Capacity Revenues
    27. EU Service Revenues
    28. EU CPE Revenues
    29. MEA Active Sites by Frequency
    30. MEA Active Sites by Application
    31. MEA Capacity Demand
    32. MEA Capacity Revenues
    33. MEA Service Revenues
    34. MEA CPE Revenues
    35. Asia Active Sites by Frequency
    36. Asia Active Sites by Application
    37. Asia Capacity Demand
    38. Asia Capacity Revenues
    39. Asia Service Revenues
    40. Asia CPE Revenues
  3. Consumer Broadband
    1. Total Global Active Subscribers
    2. Capacity Demand
    3. Capacity Revenues by Frequency
    4. Capacity Revenues by Region
    5. Service Revenues by Region
    6. Service Revenues by Access Type
    7. Global Broadband Access Market Share (2019)
    8. CPE Revenues
    9. Global Broadband Access Market Share Modem Vendors
    10. NAM Active Subscribers
    11. NAM Active Sites by Access Type
    12. NAM Capacity Demand
    13. NAM Capacity Revenues
    14. NAM Service Revenues
    15. NAM CPE Revenues
    16. LAM Active Subscribers
    17. LAM Active Sites by Access Type
    18. LAM Capacity Demand
    19. LAM Capacity Revenues
    20. LAM Service Revenues
    21. LAM CPE Revenues
    22. EU Active Subscribers
    23. EU Active Sites by Access Type
    24. EU Capacity Demand
    25. EU Capacity Revenues
    26. EU Service Revenues
    27. EU CPE Revenues
    28. MEA Active Subscribers
    29. MEA Active Sites by Access Type
    30. MEA Capacity Demand
    31. MEA Capacity Revenues
    32. MEA Service Revenues
    33. MEA CPE Revenues
    34. Asia Active Subscribers
    35. Asia Active Sites by Access Type
    36. Asia Capacity Demand
    37. Asia Capacity Revenues
    38. Asia Service Revenues
    39. Asia CPE Revenues
    40. Comparison with Previous Edition
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