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Satellite Capacity Pricing: Entering the Next Epoch!

Falling satellite capacity pricing is a central discussion topic across the satellite industry.  Aided by variability in HTS vs FSS offerings, aggressive supply, fleet synergies, managed services, and plummeting overall prices, a market transformation is well underway.  Traditional lease models are also under threat as operators offer more services, and competition increases across the value chain.  This is not cyclical change, and the state of play is now forever altered.

Join NSR as it explores this vital topic affecting all within the satellite industry, and provides key analysis as it relates to capacity pricing now and in future.

Leveraging NSR’s industry-leading Satellite Capacity Pricing Index analysis, this FREE webinar will answer the following critical questions:
  • What is the current state of the market? How has the lease price performed historically?
  • Which key drivers influence price across business verticals?
  • What are the various growth strategies operators or service providers are currently pursuing?
  • How does the value chain interact, and what conclusions can be drawn from price wars between operators, service providers and customers?
  • Are the current price points viable?
  • Are we close to a mass market, terrestrially competitive, positive IRR game from satellite capacity providers?
  • Will the industry go all in on price? How much turbulence in lease price can be expected in the next year?

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