Via Satellite: A Roadmap for Incredible IFC

During the summer travel season, I won’t lie that In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) is at least one of the criteria my family uses to decide which airline we travel. And, while I’m the first one to pull out my devices and do a speed test, speed alone is not enough to have “incredible passenger Wi-Fi.” Few.

NSR Report: IFC Market Projected to Reach $36 Billion in Cumulative Revenue by 2028

INDUSTRY BOUNCING BACK FROM A LAGGING 2018 DUE TO DELAYS, INSUFFICIENT BUSINESS MODELS AND INDECISIONS.   Cambridge, MA –April 2, 2019 – NSR’s Aeronautical Satcom Markets, 7th Edition report forecasts inflight connectivity (IFC) will be a $36 B market over the next decade, as more airlines outfit fleets with high throughput satellite (HTS) services. However,.