NSR Report: Satellite Broadband & Enterprise VSAT to Generate $159 Billion in Next Decade

Stimulating Demand in Consumer Broadband and Backhaul is Critical for Growth Cambridge, MA – NSR’s VSAT and Broadband Satellite Markets 17th Edition report, released today, forecasts cumulative revenues of $159 billion in the next decade, with 13.4% annual growth in the installed base of consumer sites alone.  Enterprise VSAT is also a solid contributor with.

More (Satcom) Bits for More Barrels

As digitalization continues to move across the O&G sector, new sources and production capacity continues to come online.  “Big Data” and real-time data are fundamentally transforming the how of Oil & Gas exploration & production – pushing more bi-directional transfer of information from well to HQ.  With all of this data information, VSAT Broadband connectivity.