FPAs: From a Niche to a Necessity

For years, the emerging nature of FPA technology has long maintained price and performance as the main market obstacles. Compared with parabolic systems, flat panel antennas were not seen as viable, except in environments requiring a low-profile solution.

Over the Brink: Flat Panel Antenna Technology Will Take Over the Land Mobility Market

NSR quoted in iDirect’s Satellite Connection article. Flat panel antenna technology has recently come to the forefront as the leading solution for the land mobility market due to its low-profile form factor, making it easier to install. In fact, recent statistics from Northern Sky Research’s (NSR) Flat Panel Satellite Antennas, 3rd Edition report, forecasts flat.

Flat Panel Antennas: The Holy Grail of HTS Success?

The steamroller of HTS capacity, combined with falling transponder prices, requires a thoughtful assessment of the critical technologies expected to play a key role in closing the business case for satellite operators.  Today, the satellite industry seeks to further its growth by accessing markets such as M2M/IoT, consumer broadband and mobility, and the ground equipment via.