Non-GEO Constellations: Answering the Call?

Non-GEOs continue to make noise, and for the right reasons. With SpaceX launching hundreds of satellites and revealing more info on their user antennas (with Musk admitting that the biggest challenge is cost of user terminals) to OneWeb restarting their production and awaiting a 36-satellite December launch, to Telesat forming a new public company post.

LEO Speed: When Milliseconds are Worth $Millions

“Remember that time is money” wrote Benjamin Franklin in a 1748 book.  The concept of opportunity cost believed to trace back to ancient Greek philosophers but popularized by one of the founding fathers of the United States, may nowhere be more critical to business than in the realms of high-frequency trading (HFT).

SatNews: Flat Panel SATCOM Antenna Market Report From NSR Now Available

NSR’s Flat Panel SATCOM Antenna Market Report, 5th Edition, (FPA5) provides a complete picture of the entire market including the business and technological development of FPA equipment, as well as an assessment of current and forecasted opportunities for shipped equipment in all applicable verticals and regions.