SatNews: By 2030, NSR Reports Trillion$ In Global Space Economy Revenues

NSR’s newly released NSR’s Global Space Economy, 2nd Edition (NGSE2) projects strong revenue potential across all key segments, underpinned by record setting investment and both public and private sector demand for space products and services. With more than $1.25 trillion in cumulative revenue projected by 2030, the space industry growth trajectory trends upwards at a 6.25% CAGR..

SatNews: NSR’s Report Sees Orbital Travel Culling Billion$$ In Space Travel Revenue

NSR’s newly released Space Tourism & Travel Markets, 3rd Edition (STT3) report sees more than 57,500 passengers heading to space through the decade, generating $20.3 Billion cumulative revenues. As the most stable and lucrative segment through 2031, Orbital Travel is set to capture 66% of total revenue opportunity. Orbital Travel has strong government support with initiatives such.

Satnews: NSR Releases Their Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit 2.0

Version 2.0 of NSR’s popular NGSO toolbox puts that capability at clients fingertips. With pre-loaded datasets, configurable filters, inputs and visualizations, Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit 2.0 (NCAT2) is a standalone NSR product that may also be leveraged in combination with market data and insight from relevant NSR research studies.

Satnews: Quantum Comms Via Satellite Tackled In New NSR Report

Just published is NSR’s Quantum Communications via Satellite (QCvS) Report that finds the potential to deliver unlimited security boosting satellite-based quantum communications to a revenue opportunity of $2.6 billion by 2030. The segment is surpassing expectations, with global investments of $20 billion in quantum related technologies. Leveraging optical/laser terminals advancement towards its own growth, increased Optical adoption.