Hannah Currivan


Research Analyst

Dublin, Ireland

Ms Hannah Currivan began consulting work with NSR in 2021. She has experience as a reliability engineer within the area of space producing reliability statistical models on products for the space environment. Within her work she produced high quality documents and statistical analysis for stakeholders, as the area of reliability means the outcome of the model might drive up the cost of the end product. She has a MSc in Space Science & Technology at University College Dublin and a BSc in Physics with Energy & Environment from Technological University of Dublin.

Hannah has carried out an ESA academy course in spacecraft operations, and a Professional certificate from the International Space University in Space Resources and a certificate in Business & Economics of Space with ScholarSite.

Hannah is actively involved in the Space Generation Advisory Council as the National Point of Contact for Ireland and leader of the project team in UN SDGs for Space Safety and Sustainability. Hannah has co-developed and is the Chief Examiner for the World Skills Ireland Space Systems Engineering Competition to encourage other educational routes into the space industry through apprenticeships.

During her MSc she wrote a thesis on the “Reliability Model of the European Space Agency (ESA) PLATO (PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars) mission PLIU (Payload Interface Unit) test breadboard”, this included a reliability database interface. During her BSc she carried out a work placement building Ireland’s first radio telescope called I-LOFAR, which she then used for her BSc thesis titled “Using I-LOFAR to observe Radio Galaxy (Cyg A), Black Hole (Cyg X-3), and Supernova Remnant(Cas A)”.

Hannah presents at multiple outreach and panel events throughout the year to encourage the growth of new talent into the space industry.