Michael McKenna

NSR Marketing Assistant

Toronto, ON, Canada

Mr. McKenna joined NSR in 2019 as a Marketing Assistant, in order to provide support to the satellite industry’s foremost global analyst team. In this role, Mr. McKenna provides aid with the company’s social media platforms, press releases, and public communications, as well as customer communications and relations.

In 2010 Mr. McKenna received a Bachelor’s Degree from York University in Toronto, before proceeding to excel in the retail sector performing small-team management and ground-level marketing campaigns. Over the next several years Mr. McKenna refined his skills in the design and deployment of physical as well as digital marketing materials and strategies, with noted results from organizations and customers.

For over a decade Mr. Mckenna has been an active multimedia writer. Past projects include work in the video game industry, the comic community, and the publication of his own collection of fiction.