Shagun Sachdeva

NSR Senior Analyst

Toulouse, France

Ms. Sachdeva joined NSR in December 2017. Prior to joining the team, she worked as the Business and Marketing strategist at Satellite Squared. During her time there, Ms. Sachdeva’s main activities included the market analysis and segmentation, identification of potential customers as well as the valuation studies for the company’s core product concepts: In-Orbit Servicing and Satellite Power Boosting.

Ms. Sachdeva completed the Toulouse Business School’s Aerospace MBA program, and holds a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from Monash University, Australia. During her studies, she worked on various aerospace assignments and led a research project that investigated the existence of a convergence between the internet and space industries. The study looked at the future of the telecommunication satellite constellations from the technological, economical and legal perspectives. As part of her MBA internship, Ms. Sachdeva’s work also included a comprehensive study on the funding opportunities for start-ups within the space industry, with a geographical evaluation for new space ventures.

Prior to her transition into the space industry, Ms. Sachdeva worked as a project engineer at Ford Motor Company Australia, leading various projects and new program launch activities at different sites, globally. The experience she has gained from the automotive industry, combined with her passion for the aerospace sector has helped Ms. Sachdeva in exploiting the conceptual and technological synergies between the two domains.